Friday, December 30, 2016

New Year Resolutions

Well folks! 2016 is nearly over!

Now’s the time everyone has started making their resolutions. I’ve never made a resolution in my life, probably because I know I’ll never keep it.  Besides, James Corden and Meghan Trainor sang pretty accurately- ‘’Resolutions are worthless, we all know that’s why we’re here/ I’ll be the same disappointment I’ve been for the past three years.’’

 ‘’My resolutions for 2017, are to complete the resolutions of 2016, which I should have done in 2015 because I made a promise in 2014 and planned them in 2013’’ explains everyone who makes them in a jiffy.

I haven’t been able to post much this year, since school kept me busy. I’m going to try to catch up next year. 2016 has already been labeled as a depressing year by the world. Hopefully, 2017 will be better.

DPS published its magazine, and all three of the articles I had given made it! Ironically, one of the articles is on blogging where I made a reference to be regular.

It’s so hard to believe how fast time is flying. I’m currently in Riyadh with my parents, for the Christmas and New Year holidays, and I’ll be switching on CNN, early in the morning of 1st January 2017 to see the NY ball drop! Any guesses on who’s performing this time? 

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Herfy Café and Grill

Trying out new restaurants is a happiness my parents and I share together, and we found that there was a great one right under our noses. (There is absolutely nothing better than feeling the weight of a fork and a knife in my hands and thinking of all the good things to come).

Herfy Café and Grill had its name written in Arabic, so it wasn’t something very noticeable. We’d drive right past without realizing how we had just missed something that was built for the growth of mankind.

It’s a cozy little restaurant, more different from the rest in terms of seating because the chairs are more like couches and a lot more comfier.­­ ­­ I ordered a Herfy chicken cordon bleu (absolutely delicious) with pasta as a side dish.

The breakfast menu also seems interesting, which means I’M COMING BACK!

It’s something we would definitely like to come back to and try again, and I would recommend it to food lovers like me (Welcome to the club, y’all).

After a food-filled week in Riyadh, Mom and I are going back to India, where I have already missed two days of classes (School attendance was never really my best. Last year, I had the least attendance compared to everyone else in my class.). 

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Pooja holidays

Just two more months and then we can say ‘adieu’ to 2016! It’s crazy how fast the year went. I can’t believe how so much happened in 2016.

School kept me busy most part of the year. Finally it was time for SA-1 exams, which marked the ending of the first semester. The minute I reached home after the last exam, I took my laptop and crawled into bed and spent hours on the Internet, before catching up on much-needed sleep.

I’m currently spending the Pooja holidays, which began on the next day after the exam and continue till Thursday, in Riyadh. It feels great to be back. I’ve already decided all the restaurants I need to go to because I miss most of my favorite ones like TGI Friday’s, Buffaloes, and Portuguese Grill. Plus the one at IKEA, they have amazing meatballs.

Mom and I went to Barbecue Nation along with Kunjunni, Kunjichechi, Valyamma and Valyachan. The food really was incredible.   

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Turtle Beach Resort

Dad, Kunjunni, Kunji chechi and I held hands as the waves crashed on the shore. We could hear the roaring sound of the sea and feel the sand beneath our feet. The cold water pooled around us until we were hip-deep, before rushing back.

The private beach was a beautiful one. The horizon stretched on with nothing interrupting its flow. No other people, not a single footprint. There was a breeze and everything was serene.

Turtle Beach resort had plenty in store for us. But we were going back home in the evening so we couldn’t try out everything.

My parents had arranged for a taxi to drive us in the morning, along with Kunjunni and Kunji chechi, to the resort. Valyamma and Valyachan would join us later.

At the resort, we could hear the faint sound of roaring waves at the beach, which proved to be just too good to resist. Mom chose to stay out of the fun and watched us instead because a) she didn’t want to get wet and b) the waves were so huge anyway.

“You won’t get washed away if a wave hits you” Dad said, but Mom refused to budge and stood under a coconut tree with her umbrella.

When we were done splashing around, we went to our hut. The backyard had two hammocks and Dad and Kunjunni leaped on them immediately. Kunjunni fell out of his hammock when he tried to lie on it the first time but scrambled back up quickly. Valyamma and Valyachan arrived to see him smiling peacefully up at the sky with his hands behind his head.

After lunch, we hit the swimming pool. Valyachan, Kunjunni, Dad and I swam around and the others watched us while sitting on the pool chairs. The four of us tried to see who could hold their breath underwater the longest, and Kunji chechi timed us. Dad, being the best swimmer won. Kunjunni and I had goggles on. When I looked at him next to me underwater, he gave me a wave before tickling me, so I came up first, gasping and glaring.

We went to see ‘Finding Dory’ at Lulu. We all went “Aww…” on seeing Dory when she was just a fry. Okay, now that sounds plain weird.

Dad had only come for a week’s time and he left yesterday. It’s back to the normal routine.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

New school, new year

These last few days have been so busy! The days are practically flying by.

Global Public School opens its gates to everyone on the 23rd. We came to India because of my parents’ decision to transfer me to a better school. I agreed with them and it was all set.

May 11th was the initial opening day. But the lack of rains and the rising heat made everyone change their minds. The District Collector finally announced that no school in Ernakulam was to open before 22nd, or the school would be fined.

The next day, after the final confirmation of the announcement by the school, it began to rain heavily, and it’s been like that for a few days. Drizzle, rain, pause. Drizzle, rain, pause. The temperature has finally lowered and we don’t need to switch on the air conditioning when we  sleep.

Mom went to Riyadh for a few days and she’s coming back on 25th.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Book Review: The Crown by Kiera Cass

It’s finally here! “The Crown” by Kiera Cass was released on 3rd May !

It’s the ending we’ve all been waiting for. Will America survive her heart attack? What is the future for Illéa? And most importantly, who will become Eadlyn’s husband?

I finished the novel today. It was pretty good, but I felt it was rushed in a few areas, especially during the ending.

Since there are people who are looking forward to reading “The Crown”, I’m not going to tell you much about the plot. And don’t worry, I’m definitely not going to tell you who wins Eadlyn’s heart at last.

Right before the Report, on which Eadlyn is to reveal her fiance, she talks to her father, Maxon. We get to learn some information which had never been shared previously about his father, Clarkson.

There are several changes in Eadlyn’s personality during the course of events in ‘The Crown”. She becomes less snobby and proud, and becomes more aware of the fact that in order to become a better ruler, she needs to hear out her people.

Josie changes drastically too. Her way of thinking becomes different once she realizes that Eadlyn’s job is not always about party and glam, and she finally stops her aspirations of becoming princess some day.

Overall, everything changes for the better, for both Eadlyn and Illéa.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Hiya folks!

We’re currently in Kerala, where we arrived two days after the ending of our Swiss/German vacation.

Either we’re seeing new impacts of global warming, or the world has lost its marbles. Somehow, Kerala is begging for rain, while simultaneously Saudi Arabia has received unexpected showers, heavy enough to make all schools give the students a day off.

Due to no rain, the temperature in Kerala is sweltering. You can stand around and do nothing and you’ll still be drenched in sweat in twenty minutes. Three if you’re hard at work.

On the other hand, I noticed all my friends in Riyadh changing their profile photos to pictures of the rain and their status to profoundly blessing it. Chalk one up for them.

But let’s not forget the cinema theatres of Kerala. I watched “Jungle Book” at Nucleus mall, “Kung fu panda 3” at Gold Souk, and “Fan” at Oberon.

“Jungle book” was awe-some! Brilliant! We had our eyes glued to the screen the entire time.

“Kung fu panda 3” was great too, but not as good as its predecessors. But Po was just as hilarious as usual.

“Fan” was surprising, with plot twists.