Friday, September 28, 2018

Captain Security

“Take me to my class, “ said the third grader, tugging Alaina’s arm. “I don’t feel safe here.” 

“But why?” asked Alaina, hastily pulling away and staring at her. Sauda watched the situation in amusement.

“Because you’re the Captain Security of the school,“ the little girl said impatiently, “and I’m scared to go to my class alone. I want you to come with me.” She tried to yank Alaina with her, but Alaina resisted and just stared at her, flabbergasted. “I’m not Captain Security! I’m Cultural Secretary!” She pointed at her badge, with the words ‘Cultural Sec.’ on it. “Besides, what’s there to be scared of?”

Alaina recounted the incident in class, breathless from laughter (“She really thought I was supposed to protect the school!”) with Sauda occasionally chiming in. 

Several classmates of ours are school cabinet members (like Head Girl, Prefect, House captains etc) and the encounters they had with the juniors ranged from embarrassing to downright hilarious.

“They’re calling me ‘ma’am’ now,” Nanditha said, sounding panicky “ and I don’t know why.” 

Friday, May 4, 2018

Antwerp Diary

Before heading off to Antwerp, we visited the Atomium, a huge building consisting of nine spheres made to represent the structure of an iron crystal. At the foot of the Atomium was Mini-Europe, which housed little replicas of important landmarks in Europe, like the Eiffel tower and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

I found Mini-Europe adorable, with the tiny toy people and boats and helicopters. Each replica had a green button in front of it. If the country the landmark was from was mentioned under the green button, pressing it would mean that the national anthem of that country would play.

There were green buttons that didn't have any description under it, and on activating them, the toys would move, which made it fascinating. Mini-Europe was definitely entertaining, and the Atomium stood tall and intimidating.

Our journey to Antwerp was by train, and we were looking forward to seeing the Antwerp Railway Station, as it is one of the most beautiful railway stations in the world. We didn't need a confirmation when we hopped off. The elegant Gothic style of architecture was stunning. There were nearly five floors, and four had trains running. 

The moment we left the railway station, the several diamond shops caught our eyes. The district was called the Diamond district for a reason.

Our long stroll took us to the Grote Markt, Meir shopping street, Church of Our Lady Antwerp and the port.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Holy Trinity Of Pissing

On the train to Brussels, I was nearly dozing off when Mom suddenly realized that she had left her precious notebook, filled with things to do and places to see in Belgium, at home in Riyadh.

Dad and I weren't surprised. It would be a lie to say that this was the first time Mom had forgotten or lost the research she had done before going on a trip. Sometimes she would lose the paper she had written on, right at home. 

Brussels was picturesque and lively. Huge gothic cathedrals and buildings framed the bustling  streets, dark clouds drifted in the sky and the wheels of our suitcases made miserable noises as we wheeled them over the cobblestones while going to our hotel.

Catalonia Grand Place was in the heart of the city. After dropping off our baggage, our next step was to begin a tour of Brussels. According to Mom, her superhuman brain had allowed her to store all the information about tourist attractions she had written down earlier, so even if memory had failed her in bringing the aforementioned notebook, she could still guide us.

First things first- we were starving. The answer was one among the assortment of restaurants around the corner.

There were several Thai and Vietnamese, and a  handful of Indian restaurants. We decided on an appealing Vietnamese one, and the food was great.

We strolled through the city, gawking at the stone structures and fountains and beautiful parks. Every building had a history behind it. But a renowned attraction in Belgium was a statue of a boy peeing, called the Manneken Pis. Google maps guided us to a small figurine/fountain of a little boy, who seemed happy for urinating to infinity. Wikipedia later informed me that he peed beer or wine on special occasions. He was the most famous one of the trilogy.

Then there was the Jeanneke Pis which was a young girl relieving herself. The third statue, which completed the Holy Trinity Of Pissing (as I liked to call it), was a dog (Het Zinneke), which we visited on our last day in Brussels. 

Our walk in the city led us to stumble upon the Palace of Charles of Lorraine. It was a beautiful, huge building, and we were making our way back when Mom's sharp eyes caught a golden clock with 12 idols around it. She was exhilarated to point out to us that we were now looking at the meeting centre clock, which was another important attraction in Brussels. 

Obviously, the amount of research I had done before we embarked on our European journey was all regarding the food in Belgium. I was determined to try out the Belgian waffles and chocolates and frites, come what may.

Hours later, we ordered waffles with whipped cream and ice cream and chocolate sauce as toppings. It was a fabulous combination.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Back in Heidelberg

Last week, my parents and I set off to Europe. Our first stop was Germany, where Dad had to attend an award function in Heidelberg. We marched like soldiers to our favorite Vietnamese restaurant, which was five minutes away from our hotel, Perkeo. Wonderful memories of the food there welcomed us and we breezed in through the door and into our seats like we were home.
After a hearty lunch, we meandered to the Old Bridge, where we saw the Bridge Monkey. According to legends, if you touched its hands, mirror, face and the little mice next to it, luck would grant you another trip to Heidelberg. Till now the legends had not failed us, and I wasn't taking any chances. Later, Dad left for the function, so Mom and I bought gelatos and took photos of them to make Dad envious when he got back. We wandered around for hours before buying pizzas from Pizza Hut for dinner. The evening in Heidelberg was something out of a fairytale; the sky was purple, the streets and shops were illuminated, and there were instrumental renditions of famous songs by street performers. We had to catch a train the next day to Belgium, so we called it a night soon. I was super tired from the journeying and touring, but also super elated for our trip to Brussels.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Record of absence

The next time you’re absent, phone the new driver, not me.

Clearly, my old bus driver was making sure he wouldn’t get a single call from me again. I couldn’t blame him, though. I was infamous for taking days off from school, every now and then. Mom didn’t have an issue either because it meant she’d have company at home the whole day.

Tenth grade in India was similar, with the only difference being you didn’t need to let the driver know, because the bus would leave on time whether you were on board or not. I stayed at home whenever I fell sick, or had too much to study and too little time. We had exams every week, which meant at one point or another, I felt myself drowning in assignments, homeworks and other school stuff.

I’ve never understood how people come to school everyday and have a perfect attendance. For me, that seems utterly impossible. Just trying to wake up early is where the difficulty starts. During the winters, I can’t seem to push my cozy blankets away.

When I find someone whose record of absence is just as bad as mine, we have an understanding between us that’s close to sibling love. It is very rare though.

Coming back to the present, the little kid next to me had taken his notebook out and was taking down the new driver’s number painfully slow, writing every digit like it was a struggle in his big, loopy handwriting.

Then he looked at our old driver straight in the eye and said “Uncle, don’t come back”; presumably because the idea of writing down a phone number again daunted him.  

Friday, November 3, 2017

Greens - A Salad Lover's Paradise

We had dinner from “Greens”, a salad bar, a few days ago.

Dad is a herbivore. I like salads as well, but I always try to chuck out any tomatoes. Plus, if I don’t like the dressing, there’s a good chance it’ll be left uneaten.

An actual salad bar is very rare to find in Riyadh, other than the side salads you can take at restaurants like Pizza Hut and Steakhouse. Naturally, this fueled our curiosity, and we made our way there.

The restaurant was bright and cheery. A variety of food like fresh juices, shakes, and a whole lot of other stuff that was organic and healthy were available, plus racks of chips with all different kinds and flavours.

I’ve never had a chance to choose the ingredients for my salad before, so it was quite a task, because of the several options.  

The place held a calm and peaceful atmosphere, and we really did enjoy dinner.

Friday, October 27, 2017

My first award on Wattpad!

My story “Bruises” was awarded first place in the Athena Awards on Wattpad!

I had entered in several competitions, but lost. By the time the Athena Awards announced their result for the Mystery/Thriller category, I had forgotten all about it. So it was a pleasant surprise to wake up one morning and see the notification on my phone, which let me know they had tagged me. I realized even without opening the app that there was no other reason for them to do so, and seeing my username in bold for first place made me immensely happy.

Being on Wattpad has been great. I’ve read a variety of books from different genres, and it’s encouraging to see the support my own stories get from my readers. It’s something I would recommend for every aspiring writer, or for people who love to read.

I haven’t got a chance to see the second season of Riverdale yet, and the suspense is terrible. I did not want to spoil it by reading the plots of the released episodes online, but a few tidbits did catch my eye. Moose and Midge get shot, and Grundy is killed by the masked murderer. But I have no idea what fully happened.