Friday, July 16, 2010

I Love This Law !

Dear Diary,

Last night we went to the pool. Mother doesn’t know swimming. So she tried to practice. The water was a little too much, so when she started to kick her legs, it sent waves which went into my mouth! I have learned many swimming tricks myself.

After a few days Dad is going to get some holidays. Today when we checked the news my father got a nasty surprise!! It said that if parents beat children they will go to jail. HeHeHeee!!! And it didn’t even say that if children beat parents they will be punished. Don’t you think we are lucky? When I told this to my mother she said “If I beat you and if the government comes, then I will beat government also”, diary, she is serious.

Yesterday when we returned home I ran to open the door and got a shock! A cat was staring at me, I screamed and the cat yowled. And we both ran away.