Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry X'mas

I will take a break from our Delhi trip. Today I decided to write about the Christmas party we had in my compound, here I go:

The party was at 6:00. We decided to go to the dentist because I had complained one of my molar teeth was hurting me. We all were getting ready to go but afterwards my dad wasn’t sure if the dentist was available. So I went out and saw that my friends were out decorating for the Christmas party. 

The drumstick tree was decorated with lights and balls which made it look like a Christmas tree instead of a drumstick tree! Alvin was riding his cycle, Allana and her mother and Slomo were there.

I and Slomo had to chase all the balloons that went rolling away. But even when we kept all the balloons on the playground off they went rolling again. Some even flew in the air. I noticed Allana was going to stand on a chair and stick letters saying Merry Christmas. She needed help. So I held the tape.

Slomo told us he had to go on Alvin’s roof to get a few tennis balls that were lying there. He brought a ladder and climbed up. Alvin had gone somewhere in the compound and when he returned he saw Slomo up the roof. Quickly he took the ladder away, leaving a stunned Slomo. “Bwa ha ha ha!” Laughed Alvin.

Well it took sometime to get Slomo down because Alvin was shaking the ladder all the time with Slomo hanging on for dear life. He jumped down from the 3rd step.

All the others came just when we finished putting on the decorations. The party was great. There were games such as housie, light the candle, etc. In light the candle Thambi uncle was my partner since I don’t have any siblings. We both were again partners in a race were they would tie our leg up and with the other leg you had to go to the finishing point.

After the games we waited for Santa Claus to come. He did take some time to come. But soon he came. I think he was Remya’s brother Ramon.Anyway, first he put lots of chocolates in our hands. But when Slomo shouted “Throw them into the air!” he started throwing them high up. We all tried to catch them. It was fun. Santa Claus soon went away. We then ate our food. 

After food, began the prize and the Christmas present distribution. Dad got a prize in Light the candle. He was really exited. 

Friday, December 24, 2010

The two temples

The next day we went to the beautiful Lotus temple.

On the sides of the temple were huge pools. And there was a beautiful garden that led you to the temple. We had to remove our shoes before we got inside.

The Lotus temple is a Bahai temple. When you got inside you had to sit quietly (or you would get thrown out).

The Lotus temple can be visited by anyone (JJeven youJJ) of any religion.

Next move was to the majestic Akshardham Temple. The temple was full with beautiful carvings and gigantic idols. There was a crowd.

Later we went to a shopping mall called Citywalk. All the families separated. Me and my parents drank coffee and donuts.

The people there in Delhi were stylish.

We then bought a few things and all of us together went to our bus. We had our dinner at Ammayi’s home. Me, Karthik and Tappu played video games.

After that long exciting day we went back to our guesthouse were we waited for the next morning to see Qutub Minar.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Agra Visit

The next day, we woke up early. We went down to have breakfast. I loved the breakfast. I had cornflakes, bread-and-butter, and tea. I decided to have that kind of breakfast every morning.

I have read about the kind of tasty food English people have like bacon, cake etc. I think they are people with good luck.

All my relatives were at the guest house. Soon we all were ready. We had a bus to pick us up.

We were going to see the Agra fort and Taj Mahal that day. All of us thought of going to see the Taj Mahal first, but some ministers were there. So the Taj Mahal was shut down for a while.

From Delhi we had to pass Haryana and then come into Uttar Pradesh to go to Agra.  

Balaji Ammavan had hired a guide for us. It was very kind of him. The guide uncle explained everything nicely. We understood every word.

The fort was beautiful. The carvings of the red sandstone were especially pretty. We saw the chair were Birbal used to sit. It was white in color, just opposite to that was Akbar’s chair and it was black. I sat on Birbal’s chair.

After sometime we heard the Taj Mahal was open again. So we left for it. It was a disaster. Just when we were standing in the long Q, it started raining.

I warn that whoever goes to the Taj Mahal must check the weather report before they do so. 

Friday, December 17, 2010

First day at Delhi

Dear diary,

Let me shoot about what happened when we arrived at the Delhi airport.

Well, when we were at the Delhi airport we had to wait for uncle Ajay to pick us up. The reason we went to Delhi was that because of uncle Arvind's engagement. I think I had told you that before.

There were mostly dogs in Delhi. I seldom saw cats. I seemed to miss those little cute furballs. Because, well ….er... you know what it is.

Anyway, uncle Ajay soon came. We then kept our bags at the guest house of International Institute of Technology (IIT), just next of the guest house was the college.

After that, we went to Balaji Ammavan’s house. The people there were:
Karthik, Madhav, my cousin Thappu, aunt Subha and Ajay uncle, Balaji ammavan, Ammayi, uncle Arvind, aunt Renjitha, uncle Kanan, aunt Anu and uncle Hari. 

After sometime, all the ladies and me had to go for shopping. And I was so bored to death. I wished I was with the others who were in the park.

Mom had told me later I had to go with them because I had never seen the shops of Delhi. As if !!

You might think I love shopping just because I am a girl. Well the answer is NO. I am not like Betty and Veronica who just adore shopping. In fact, I don’t think its right to spend your money on clothes all the time.

We were going to see the Taj Mahal the next day so I will write about it tomorrow.

Ta-Ta ..

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Back to Riyadh

We have come back to Riyadh. And I tell you it was good to see India again. We saw Delhi. But we did not see Kulu Manali or Bangalore because we did not have the time to see them. So that was out of question.

Delhi was beautiful. We saw the Qutub Minar, Humayun’s Tomb, Taj Mahal and goodness knows what all places I visited.  The malls were good too. We saw a piano playing by its own.

School had started before I came back to Riyadh. So now I am copying my missed notes. We will be seeing India again after 6 months. That’s fine with me as I will have to wait very little.

I will write more about our vacation later, I don’t have the time now. Sorry folks.