Friday, December 30, 2011

Riyadh Gallery

I will continue what happened at the field trip.

We got inside Riyadh gallery and as we walked we looked at all the shops. Then we climbed up the escalator. It was fun. The children’s play area was Oceanica. 

I, Aamna, Lynn and Safana were a group. The first ride we went on was the bumper cars. We love bumper cars like hell. So each of us climbed into a car and then started to have a happy time dashing each other!

Then we went to another ride. Its name was pirate ship or something, I really don’t remember. It is mostly in the form of a ship. It is like a swing only that it is much scarier. It goes to and fro high. Me and my gang were sitting at the last seat so when the ship swung backward, when we looked down we felt like we were going to fall down any minute. I enjoyed because I kept my head bent down so I only felt like I was flying, but Lynn kept yelling and screaming in my ear.  

Lynn, Aamna, and Safana went on the boat ride but I didn’t want to so I just strolled around until they came back.

Then we went on another ride which wasn’t that scary. It simply went round in the air, then it would suddenly stop and go up and down, up and down.

There was another ride called drop tower. It would go up, and then come down like climbing downstairs.

Aamna and Lynn went on the rollercoaster, but me and Safana did not. They went on it about 3 times, and by that time me and Safana were impatient.

After they finally got out of the rollercoaster, we then went to a ride called fire brigade. The ride went round and you had to squirt water on fake fires.

We then had the mood to go on the bumper cars again and this time we had more fun. Out Maths teacher Princi Ma’am also joined us.

We had our lunch from KFC. Lynn and Rabia bought chicks from the mall. Rabia bought 2 and Lynn 1, which  I had to look after. I taught them how to hold the chicks too.

Some big girls came to our class. One of them I think was Rabia’s sis. She told to Rabia’s chicks “If you scare me I will throw you out of the window !”

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Class assembly + field trip = Fun day!

As I got ready for bed I was really excited “Tomorrow is the field trip to the mall Riyadh Gallery, plus our assembly. “ I told myself “What a day it is going to be!”

As my school bus is always late and my Dad could not drop me at school today I went with Nichiket and Niharika. As we reached our school I got out and thanked uncle Sunil and ran to my classroom.

Some of my classmates had already reached there. After settling down we made a dash to the playground while two girls went to the staffroom to call our class teacher.

Our class teacher came as we stood on our places on the stage. I and a few of my classmates were for a friendship song.

Soon as the assembly was about to finish Zainab the comparer said “Now I would like to call upon the DPS choir for the Saudi National Anthem followed by the Indian National anthem.“  I hopped down the stage and joined the choir. “AAchoooo!” A loud sneeze from outside the gate made us all giggle, I could hardly keep a straight face during the anthem. 

We went then back to the class. “That sneeze was tremendous” I chuckled “I almost died!” Lynn threw her head back and laughed. Then our class teacher entered the class. We put on our bags. “Wait! It’s not the time yet! ” said our class teacher. We groaned.

Enough of what happened at the class! I will continue from when we walked towards the bus.

My partner was Lynn. Ten of my classmates and me climbed into a bus along with Amita Ma’am and the whole class of 5B.

It was lots of fun in the bus. We all enjoyed a lot. As we reached Riyadh gallery all of us started to scream.

I will continue the rest tomorrow. 

Monday, December 12, 2011

School news

I don’t have any incident or anything like that to write about, so let me tell you just a few things that are going around here.

Now we have the school assembly in the ground. Want to know why? Actually the girls and boys assembly’s are now separated. So the Girl’s assembly is in the ground while the Boy’s assembly is held in the auditorium itself. To tell you the truth, we girls think that the auditorium is much better. Because it won’t be good for us when it gets really cold outside.   Plus the stage is too small and there is no podium to keep the papers. Our class assembly is on 20th, and our whole class is in it. We do not know how all of us are going to stand on that tiny stage.

All of us girls would have loved it if the boys stood outside in our place, because in our school we detest boys as they keep teasing us and then at the end all of us call each other names  and later everybody gets busted by the teachers. It’s not pleasant.

One of my classmates is going to China. She is my best friend and her name is Eeshta. One day me, another best friend of mine Lynn and Eeshta had our morning snack at Lynn’s table during recess.

Eeshta- “I am going to China next month.”

Me- “ Wow!”

Lynn- “But when you reach there you will forget Hindi, so when you go to India and somebody asks you something in Hindi you will be staring and say ‘Duuuuhhh’!!!!!!”

We could not help giggling at that. 

Friday, December 2, 2011

Rain rain don't go away

Nothing much has happened now except that the monthly tests are still going on…

I have 2 more tests, Malayalam and Science. Science was supposed to be on last Tuesday, but it was a holiday ‘cause of heavy rain. The weather forecast said so. But there was no heavy rain, though. The rain was just drizzling or a little more than that. All of us students spent a happy day at home. 

I am going to get a Scholar’s badge. That is a badge you receive if you do well in exams. I will get it for last year exams on Annual day.

Annual day’s chief guest of last year was Kapil Dev. This year annual day will be on first week of January. But the principal is not telling us who the chief guest is this year. He is keeping it as a surprise.

Anyway, as a reward I got a Subway sandwich from my parents (though I haven’t received the badge yet).

Wednesday night Dad had a desert trip. This was a trip from his office and there were only a few people. I couldn’t go, and I was a little sulky.  But it was good I did not go, because Dad came back very late and told us the next morning that it was 5 degrees in the desert.

Man, I should have known that a desert is really cold at night.

There is nothing more for me to write, so I guess this is the end.

Friday, November 25, 2011


It is now winter here and I would love to be warm as toast.

Because of the winter we have kept a blanket on the sofa in the living room as every morning when I have to go to school I feel cold and I eat my cereal in front of TV.

And that‘s not all…….

When we go out to play all of us will have our hands tucked into our armpits and our caps on. That is really a nuisance. But who could blame us? We almost expected smoke to come out of our mouth.

Anyway, on Wednesday we had a Biriyani party in our compound. Coming into my compound might be like coming into a world with all kinds of parties. That is why all my classmates are jealous and I am happy.When I told them about the water balloon fight we compound kids had all my classmates had sighed and said “Lucky you!”, I was on top of the world.

There was a fire pit in the middle of the chairs so we all kept our hands above it, but Afra, Ayesha’s younger sister who started school some months ago ran around it and we had to chase her away. Her bro Talha spat into it when he thought nobody was looking, my Dad had to chase him away. This proved that the fire pit was a place for mischief too.

The biriyani was tasty and while having it all of us watched a movie, Chance pe Dance at Alana’s house.  We then went home after the movie.

I won the second prize for singing this year. I looked at it all day happily and even took it’s video because I don’t get certificates that many times.

Today I chatted with my cousin Savithri through the Internet. But when we chat sometimes we say almost nothing. We just write “How r u” or “ How is the family” or “Anything exciting or funny happened there” and then continue with a line of smiley faces and hearts.

And today was one of those times.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Exciting weeks

I totally regret for saying that Riyadh was boring. Because the last few weeks were full of fun, fun and fun!!!

There was a Kappa–and–Kozhi party, a barbecue party, the trip to the farmhouse and the trip to the bakery (which you already know about) and goodness knows about all the other parties I have been to.

First let me tell you about the bar-b-q party.

The barbecuing was to start at 9:00pm, but me and my parents had to go out so when we arrived at 9:30, a few people were already crowded around the grill. Some of the ladies were sitting in the chairs and talking. Few uncles were handling the barbecue. There was a table loaded with Pepsi, 7up, salad and some chewing- gum. It was the first time I had ever seen chewing gum on these kinds of parties.  

The chicken was yummy! There were also chicken pieces on stick, and some people ate 2 or 3 of them because they were really tasty. 

Niharika did not touch the chicken. When we asked her she told us that she had stopped eating chicken, and I forgot the reason why. So she gave her chicken to her mother.
We played 2 games of UNO. In the first game I was the 2nd winner and in the second game the first winner. As Nichiket said, I was a kind of a genius in UNO. You could bet I was proud when he said that.

The kappa-and-kozhi curry party was just as nice. The chief chef was uncle Rajan and his assistant was uncle Loy. Both were funny while preparing the food. All the others watched.

But I am really sad today. The winter holidays are over and I have to go to school tomorrow. Even Nichiket who adored school is now groaning that he doesn’t want to go because of these exciting weeks.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Al Rashed Bakery - Factory visit

“Fine then” elders said, they were all sitting in a circle together. “Tomorrow we will all meet at 9:30 in the morning “

We did know what they were talking about. 

All the people in the compound (except Talha and Ayesha) were going to visit the factory of Al Rashed Bakery.  Uncle Rajan working there and he is a big manager. I heard they make bread products and I love bread so I was looking forward to go there.

I had a lovely dream that night too, that I was flying in the sky with my arms spread out. I guess that is because I always wanted to fly, just like Peter Pan.

“Dress fast!”  Mom told me in the morning. I groaned. I was still too sleepy to dress. “Fine” Mom said “then stay at home” I muttered under my breath and changed because I wanted to see the factory.

Soon we all were ready to go to the factory.  Nichiket and Niharika climbed into my car because uncle Sunil had to go to office.

It was a merry journey. Soon we reached the factory. We had to wear hair nets to prevent our hair from falling into the dough. But before we saw everything, there was a magnificent breakfast waiting for us. We really couldn’t wait to eat.  

The factory was interesting. We also saw the making of ice-cream cones and tasted them too. The dough was kept in huge cart and looked soft.

But the machines were the main things I liked the most. The most interesting part was when the dough came near the machine it was chopped to several pieces. Then there was something which made them round as they rolled and then later sprinkled with flour. It was fast and really soft too and we played with a small piece of the round dough.

There are many rooms in the factory but the room we liked the most was the chiller room. It was minus 20 degrees and smoke came out of our mouths. Brrr!

Then we saw how tortillas were made and when the tortillas were kept in the chiller room it became like a rock. Because we banged on them too!

Later uncle Rajan gave us a gift packet. We peeped inside the cover, and found out bread and buns made by his factory! That’s what I have been having for breakfast for some days now!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A sandy day

“Janu! Janu! Wake up!” I opened my eyes and stared at Mom groggily. “Get up” mom urged me. “Remember we have to go to the farm.”

Helped by my mother I got up and blinked until the room came into focus. I stared at my parent’s bed, Dad had already gotten up. I washed my face and sleepwalked into the living room. One hour later we were ready to go to the farm.

One of uncle Loy friends worked in farm and we were looking forward, especially me, to see all the cow, goat and sheep since I love animals. Most of my compound friends were coming too along with Melvin and his elder brother Milan.

To my joy Alana and Niharika climbed into our car (I hate sitting alone) and we sped off.
As we went further we saw the hanging bridge of Riyadh and the beautiful view of mountains on both sides.

Later when we reached the fields which spread out like a green carpet, my eyes caught a strange figure in the middle. It was a scare-crow! It had an Arabic dress and a scarf as its head.  We giggled and pointed silently. We got out of the car, stretched out our arms and took in the fresh, minty air.

We walked towards the path leading to the farmhouse, only that it did not look like a house. It had tree trunks for support and looked majestic.

After settling our things, me, Niharika, Alana and all the aunts went for a walk while the boys played cricket. Dad also accompanied us with his camera.

There were many trees of all kinds such as orange, lemon, guava etc. with fruits. As we moved further we saw the animals. There were sheep, goat, hen, duck and turkey. Goats kept bleating and hens kept going cock-doodle-doo. It was a complete mad house.

Everybody started getting into the cars.  We were just going for a drive and few minutes later there was a beautiful desert on our left side! We stopped there and gazed at the huge sand dunes and then started climbing them. It was not easy.

We had lots of fun. When we reached the top we sat down and slid to the ground. We dug our fingers inside the sand, where it was cool. Our shoes were filled with sand our pockets felt a bit heavy due to the fine and smooth sand inside.

After having our lunch we headed back home. It was a wonderful day.

Friday, November 4, 2011

D for Diwali - Party

I will now continue with the happenings of Diwali party:-

After playing we had gone home, Raja and Rohini came to each of our house and this is what they said “Meet at the ground in 10 minutes for the bursting of firecrackers.”

But we all started to dress at the speed of a race car and reached the ground in 3 minutes!

After checking everybody had arrived, Raja & Rohini’s dad announced that due to the death of Prince Sultan, noisy firecrackers wouldn’t be used. We just nodded our heads; we didn’t care about anything, but just wanted to start bursting crackers. 

The firecrackers were superb. First, there was this type of cracker that sent sparks up like a fountain, then those types which we can hold in our hand. Another would spin and then fly into the air (which was totally cool) but then one of them instead of flying targeted forward and almost hit Raja who was in front. So that was the end of spinning-and-flying cracker. There was a long magic wand like cracker, the type which we have to hold. And from that sparks would keep shooting into the sky. (Wow!J)

After the firecrackers everybody headed for Rohini’s house. Outside their house there was a buffet waiting for us all. It looked grand and none of us could wait to eat. So we fidgeted.

When it was time to eat we all rushed out of the house got our plate and started loading them with all kinds of delicious food. And for desert we had ras malai.

It was one of the best parties ever.

Wish you a belated happy  Diwali.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

D for Diwali

Click!” went the lighter as I lit a diya.

“Next me!’’ squealed Talha, my friend. “Careful Talha” I warned him.

“Don’t burn your fingers and you are only 8.”  “Don’t worry. Trust me, I can do it safely.” said young Talha.  

“Sometimes we really can’t trust you Talha” said Nichiket. “Like remember when you promised us you wouldn’t scare Whitey the dove by going near it? But you still did it in front of our very eyes.”  “Well this time I won’t do anything like that.” promised Talha.
It was Diwali and me, Talha, Ayesha, Niharika and Nichiket, my friends were lighting the diyas my dad had bought from the store. “Can I go next, Janaki?” asked Ayesha   “You are more 2 years younger than Talha so better ask my mom.” I replied. She was the youngest and mostly asked me questions and stayed with me everyday when we played because I am the only one who makes her understand and protects her from teasing boys and other things. 

“I hate to be the youngest” complained Ayesha.  “Well, sometimes it is fun to be the youngest” I admitted.  

“That diya’s fire has gone out” Niharika, the eldest among us pointed out. “I will light it” I said. I took it and its molten wax liquid went on my finger. “That’s hot” I said and wiped the wax on my pants. Then my mom went to off the light outside. Now with all the diyas shinning together it looked really pretty.

I moved a few steps back. “Ouch!” I had stepped on Nichiket’s foot. “Sorry” I apologized as Nichiket rubbed his foot.   

”When will we go to Raja’s party?” Ayesha asked, it was the 100th time she was asking that question.  Since Raja & Rohini arranged a Diwali party at their place we were all excited.

Tomorrow I will tell you about the party.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Music, Music ....

I felt a tap on my shoulder during the school assembly. I twirled around and saw my classmate Lynn.  “It’s music sir.” she whispered. “He seems to want to talk to you”. I looked in the front and sure enough, my music teacher was looking at me. I shoved my way through the sea of students and went to him “Err….sir, didn’t you call me?’’  

That’s when I knew I was in the choir.  He made me stand with the school choir girls. So we have to sing the national anthem on the stage’s stairs in front of everybody when assembly’s finished.

Sir’s been putting me in a few things that are involved in music and I think I know why.
See, last year I won third prize for singing. So now you know why sir has been totally on top of things.

He even made me sing with a few other girls for our school in a National anthem competition. It was an inter-school competition, which means a few other schools were there too.

I had to copy notes for the subjects I missed during Jana- Gana-Mana practice. But the music practice was fun.

And on the day of the competition Dad had to drive me to a school called Mahatma International School. I guess Dad was a teeny bit upset because Friday is the only day he gets a full- day holiday from office. But he was excited to see me sing too.

Everybody said we sang nicely, even though our school didn’t win.  And I am relieved for that.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Changes in my schedule

It’s been nice for sometime, and I really don’t want to spoil anything.

Mom says I have to change my schedule from first doing homework, studying and then playing, unless I would like to pop out a big tummy. She said after I get up from my afternoon nap, I have to play from 5 to 6:30, then study and do my homework. And that’s fine with me since now a few of my friends have been coming out to play.

I have been eating fewer things that contain chocolate and other kind of fat, since I am trying to be slim and mom said I have been improved a lot.

Mom likes sweets too, but doesn’t eat them that much now. I remember that last year teachers distributed some kind of sweet which really tasted like “wow!”. I figured mom might like it too and decided to save some. But I couldn’t resist myself. So there was only a very tiny bit left for her. When I reached home, I forgot about the sweet and when mom washed my lunch box, out went that tiny piece of sweet! But now I can control myself.

Yesterday was our principal’s birthday. There was small celebration in the school. He visited everybody’s class and we all gave him a hug.

Tomorrow I have to go to school because me and a few girls were selected for a jana-gana-mana competition and we will be singing for our school.

Wish me luck!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Evening at Abad Nucleus Mall

“Vroom, vroom....“ The auto rickshaw stopped. The excited voices of three children came loud and clear and the adults chatted about cooking recipes. They went inside the spick-and–span, spacious mall.

Me and my cousins, Kunjunni and Kunjichechi, were about to have a pleasant time. Aunt Indu and my mom had gone to see our flat which is now being furnished. Then after taking some rest, we had gone to my cousin’s home and picked them up. Now we jumped here and there, our mothers looking at us to make sure we wouldn’t get lost. The mall was called Abad Nucleus.

First we had a good snack which contained burger and chocolate cake washed down by Pepsi. Then us kids had marched to the kid’s area, played a few games, and won a teddy bear.

Later Kunjunni went down to the ground floor and asked for money to buy a food item. Then we bought it. We were given a spoon and a fork. Our plates were filled with chocolate and we were given a small piece of biscuit and cake. We had to dip them into the chocolate liquid. Lovely! It was sheer bliss.

Later we decided to go to our mothers at the ground floor. Kunjunni told us that when he had gone to take money, they were at a shop called Food Bazaar. So we took the lift to the ground floor.

We had explored almost the whole shop until we realized they were not there. As we walked out of the shop, we saw them sitting on a bench opposite to the shop. They had seen everything like a security camera.

And that’s when we paid them back.

We asked our moms if we could go to the bookstore on the first floor. The reply we got was “Yes but remember, only 10 minutes. “

10 minutes later, we went down but this time the escalator lead us behind the bench were our moms were sitting. We hid behind a pillar and tried not to explode as they looked at their watches and up again. It was only when they got up that we emerged and had a good laugh.

Soon we took an auto rickshaw and went back home.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Free at last...

Exams are over!!!

Today is my day off from studying and I am spending my day with the television, computer and books. It is nice but there is no holiday tomorrow. That’s the worst bit. But at least there will be winter vacation next month.

After the last exam which finished today, it would have been pandemonium if the lights didn’t go off at school. There was only confusion as we buzzed around.

At the compound nobody came out to play today. I am feeling really annoyed.

Today I saw an old Malayalam movie “My Dear Kuttichathan”. It was the first 3D film in India which was made when Dad was in school. It was superb and I enjoyed a lot.

Friday, September 23, 2011

An exciting day at Thodupuzha

“And it was an exciting day”, Mom finished telling the story to Dad. I am talking about our Thodupozha trip when we were on vacation.

We had woken up early in the morning and had waited for Sethu kochamma and Kochachan. They had offered to pick us up and come with us to Thodupuzha because of a special occasion which would happen at Divya chitta’s husband’s house.

I liked their house. Calm and quiet, with 3 small garden ponds filled with fishes and a small stream near by. But the nicest thing that pleased me was nil mosquitoes! That’s because of the fishes in the garden pond, which would gobble them up. This is one of the best places on earth.

Uncle Prasanth and uncle Mahesh were there too. Uncle Prasanth took some photos of me and showed me all around. He is a regular reader of my blog. He is going to get married in January with aunt Vani.

Divya’s chitta had a big tummy since she is pregnant. All grown ups settled afterwards in the living room, where there was a table loaded with goodies. Everybody except me had to feed Divya chitta with small piece of sweet. It was a nice function.

After the sadya all of us filed out. We went to Dad’s home. When we reached there we could hardly believe our eyes! Grass had grown everywhere and the pebbles were hidden. The house had lost its friendliness because of this grass. At the back a few dandelions had grown. It was incredible.

Later we went to Divya chitta’s home, spend a few minutes and went back to Ernakulam. It was an exciting day.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Back to School

Ring, Ring!

The phone rang.

Ring, Ring! Mom picked up the phone.

“Hello Keerthi….. What? …… You will be coming to visit us tonight. …… Splendid!”

This is how our afternoon started. Even though they would only come in the night I asked the same question starting from the afternoon.

“When will Eeshta come?” Eeshta is my best friend. It was her mother who had called my Mom.

At last the time came, me and my parents dressed up and waited for them. I was feeling excited. Soon we saw the light of a car outside our gate. We greeted Eeshta and her family.

Eeshta, me and Eeshta’s younger sister Aashika went out to play.

After dinner they went home quickly, because it was Friday and our Dads had to go to office next day.

School is starting coming Saturday. After one week it will be exams and then holidays in the month of November.

I am starting to get a little nervous because of the exams. I wish November would hurry up and come.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy Onam

Tomorrow is a special day, it’s Onam!!!

We made pookkalam, in the living room.

I don’t think it will take more than 10 seconds for the flowers to shrink because of the heat, if we had made pookkalam outside, and today’s heavy wind will make all the flowers go helter-skelter.

Tomorrow Mom will make sadya on banana leaves and payasam.

There might be more exiting things tomorrow that I can never predict. All I am trying to say about tomorrow is that, It’s gonna be a Yahoo! day J

I wish my readers a very Happy Onam.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Book Talk

I love books!

Give me a children’s book and I will sit there with my head buried in it. My room is filled with books.

Before we went to India, we ordered some books through flipkart. We had given the address of Grandpa and the books reached there before we did.

Grandpa was in the hospital for a week. Mom and Granny went everyday to see him. Sometimes they didn’t take me along, so I would get bored. And guess what I did? I would take a few books, march to my grandparent’s bedroom, turn on the light and fan and sit there reading.

Sometimes I would read for a long time. My grandparents would take the book away and say my eyes need rest.

Valyamma bought me 2 Enid Blyton books which are my favorite now. Dad sent a few more books through flipkart afterwards, and Mom bought me another 2 from DC books while we were waiting at the airport for our flight to Riyadh.

These are some of the new books I like - The Smurfs and the Egg, Diary of Amos Lee, Tintin in Tibet, Adventures of Suppandi, mysteries of Enid blyton and books of Judy Blume.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Ramadan holidays and fireworks


I nearly jumped out of my skin. BOOM! BOOM! My father rushed out of the house.

“What’s going on?” I asked Mom. The front door opened and Dad came in. “Fireworks!” he said. “because of Eid”.

I had finished my dinner and was lying peacefully on the sofa, watching TV. Dad and Mom were in the dining room, chatting. We ran to the pool side and saw fireworks being blasted on the sky outside the compound. There were yells of excitement. I climbed on the top of the slide, which leads into the swimming pool and sat there watching. After sometime fireworks stopped and there was peace all around, we quietly went back home.

Dad’s Eid holidays have finally ended. I just wish he had a few more holidays. It’s more fun when he is around the house.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Movie and lunch at Lokah restaurant

“Janu, we will come and pick you up on Sunday morning’’. I kept my ears glued to the receiver.

Few days after me and mom reached India, Kunjunni and Kunjichechi invited me to spend the day with them. So after they called me, I was dancing around the room.

I would only go, so I knew I was going to enjoy a lot.

This was our plan:

Valyachan and Kunjunni would pick me up. Valyamma and Kunjichechi would not come. (I will tell you why later.) Then we would go over to Madhavan’s, a cousin of Kunjunnni and Kunjichechi’s and take him too and resume our way to Gold Souk mall and watch a movie. Kunji chechi and Valyamma were in the mall to buy tickets for movie “Rise of the planet of the apes”.

I didn’t like the movie, so Kunjichechi let me to put my head on her lap. I just closed my eyes because I was a bit scared. The ending part was much better for me.

After the movie, Malu chechi called to say she had come to the mall. When we all looked down from the second floor we saw her. We then started yelling her name at the top of our voices, making a few people stare at us.

Then all of us went to a restaurant called Lokah. We were all squeezed in the car but it was fun.

The food was great. The bottle of water we got in the hotel finished soon. So Madhavan called to a waiter nearby. ‘’We would like to have a bottle of Bailey please.’’

The waiter looked confused. So Valyachan hurriedly asked for a bottle of water. (The company’s name of water was Bailey). We all had a good laugh afterwards.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Back from God's own country

Hi! Did you miss me? I came back today and I kind of feel strange. Maybe it is because of spending a few weeks in another country. Dad and I are all cheerful, my pet fishes are swimming in their bowl looking the same and Mom is chatting away happily with uncle Sujesh.
When we told Kunji chechi and Kunjunni that we were leaving soon, they were really shocked. So we hung out with them one more last day.

Last night Ravi Kochachan arranged a family get together at Golden Fork. We really enjoyed a lot.

Today I am really tired. Many things have happened in the God’s own country. I will write them in the coming days.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Journey Home

Great news!

I am going to India today! Yippee!! I won’t be able to write for some days but I bet I will have tons to tell you when I return. I can hardly wait to step inside the plane and zoom off. We will reach India tomorrow morning.

Dad will stay here in Saudi. I will miss him for a few days. But on the bright side he will be able to look after my pet fish.

When we come back Dad will have the Hajj holidays so we might be able to go to some other place in Riyadh.

Today while I was feeding the fish I had a few words to say to them. I said “Hey, I am going to India for a few days. That means Dad has to feed you. If he doesn’t or neglects to clean the bowl, don’t blame me.”

Friday, July 29, 2011

Ready to go...

More 4 days to go … and then I will be in India!!!

I love when packing starts. I don’t like waiting at the airport though and the only ways to entertain myself at the airport are:
  • Read a book
  • Eat a sandwich and drink cappuccino

           I am a great bookworm so I always pack a few books to read when I am feeling bored. In the aircraft I try to go to sleep but it is useless.

We haven’t started packing till now but Mom has ironed our clothes and dusted the suitcase so it will be easier for us. We are mostly taking full-sleeve shirts and pants because in India there are mosquitoes. The only thing I hate is that I am mostly the target for mosquitoes and that really annoys me. L

Kunjunni, Savitri, and Kunjichechi are just as excited as I am. Savitri lives in another city far away, so I wonder how many times I will see her.  

Whenever I get good marks, Dad gives me some pocket money. But I don’t spend, I just save them in my purse.  So I am planning to spend the money in India and enjoy with my cousins. There are wonderful plans like to go to Oberon mall and play games in the kid’s area, dinner at KFC etc.

Get ready folks, I’m on my way!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Director Janaki

“Daddykins, please teach me how you made that movie?” I pleaded my Dad. Finally Dad picked up the courage to come and teach me. I was overjoyed. Sometimes while he was teaching me he had to give me a few gentle pinches.

By the next day I had mastered how to make a movie with the pictures you have. So while Dad and Mom having their afternoon nap I successfully made a movie that only courageous people could do. But since all family members are there and their faces are shown Dad told me not to show it on the blog. Sorry folks!

This is the movie Dad made first to teach me how to make a movie.

Dad promised that I could take pictures on his camera, so you can expect nice movies of mine in the coming days.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wonderful days

Last 2 days have been lots of fun. On Sunday this is what happened………………

Alana called us to her home for dinner just like that. We were supposed to go at 9pm. So we had to finish playing by then. Rohini went to Alana’s home, Slomo had gone shopping and Albin was away studying at his home. That left me, Raja, Aisha, and Tolha at the ground. The 4 of us were practicing basketball. Afterwards, we were thirsty and hungry. So we sat on the bench. Then Raja informed us it was 9. He then went home. “Alana told she would come and call us to her home when it was 9” Tolha mumbled. “Well, there is no use waiting now” I told him “Let’s go!”

At Alana’s home aunty greeted us. She told us to go home, change our clothes and freshen up. That we did.

At their home there were only me, the twins (Raja and Rohini), Tolha and Aisha. The food was from outside. Before it came we were watching the movie “Night at the museum”.  Aunty even gave us home made tasty carrot cake.

Dinner was KFC.  I took a few french-fries, one piece of chicken and some coleslaw. The food was yummy and we were all full. Afterwards we went home.

Last night all of us contributed our money enough to buy 2 pizzas. Each of us gave Alana’s mom the money and settled that we would be having 2 family pizzas of chicken and cheese.
When the pizzas came, it was big but the slices were thin so we ate 3 slices without any hesitation. We then drank Pepsi, told jokes and asked riddles. 

What wonderful days!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Film shooting at home

I have written about my Dad’s home earlier, right people?

But that doesn’t mean I wrote all about it. So here I go:

After grandpa passed away, grandma moved to Bangalore with aunt Smitha. Few months after, they came back for a short vacation and when they reached our house there they saw a sad sight. Few flower pots have been broken and the well had been filled with rubbish. There were few other things that were damaged too. They were puzzled. Obviously there was lot of people who had done this, but whom?

Almost the same time uncle Ajay called us from Bahrain and told that he has seen our house on TV. Some people were shooting a film there.

Now all the puzzle pieces fitted into place. So that meant the film people were looking for a pretty house to shoot a movie. When they saw our home they thought it was a lovely place. With the help of our maid they shot the movie there, damaging a few things as they went by.

So Dad called them and gave a piece of his mind. He would be calling the police if they didn’t repair the house to its normal shape. That made them cold feet and began to fix the house.

Here you can see the movie with scenes of our home.

See our mango tree, well and house; isn’t it beautiful?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Waiting for holidays

It’s full of excitement these days.  Every day I go swimming with my friends at evening 5:30 and then afterwards we go out to play. The only stumbling block is that the vacations are starting on 13th. That means there are still a few more days left. Our school will then reopen on September 17th 

There are times when Princi makes flames come out of us. Like when he had to change the timings of the school because of the increasing temperature, he made it till 1 pm. That’s still too much. The teacher’s moaned and the children had to groan, but of course behind his back. Before our school used to end at 1:40 pm L

Niharika and Nichiketh already left for vacation. So did Malu and Devu. But there are still many of my friends whom are going on August, the same month in which I am going. Thank God for that!!!!!!!!! J  

Today, I had a nice long chat with my cousins Kunjunni and Kunjichechi. First I was online with Kunjichechi, as her brother was practicing music. Then afterwards, Kunjunni started to chat and Kunjichechi started to practice. Talk about switching!
Kunjunni is going to go by cycle to school just like his sister after the rainy season. I wonder how that will go!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

First blog anniversary

June 26th!

Today is a special day. It is my first blog anniversary. I have completed a year of blogging. 

Last night we had dinner at pizza hut and there is a special reason behind it. Guess what it is? I had received full marks for social studies and science in monthly test.

My Dad also gave me 5 riyals as pocket money. I think I have more than 100 riyals now, I am planning to spend this money with my cousins in India and have so much of fun. Just think of it!

I have a pizza shaped scar on my knee. Two days back I tripped over a step and hurt my knee when I went to call my friends out to play.