Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

We decided to call the dove “whitey”.

We set whitey loose, so that we could see whether it was flying or not. Whitey walked forward. He flew a little but could not go high. That meant he was just recovering. Me and my friends Tolha, Aisha and Nichiketh were excited. We went slowly after the bird so that we wouldn't scare it.

The dove then went to aunt Jyoti’s house. There it put out a dropping. We all laughed. Then it went to the next house. It repeated the same thing! And because of all the laughter our friend Remya came out. She was astonished and tried to touch the bird.

Now it was heading for a path between the houses. Uncle Joshi caught it in his hands and took it to the hencoop. We locked it in after giving it a final pat. Aisha had got scared when she saw the dove and had gone home.

Yesterday we had an Easter party in our compound. After a short prayer we cut the cake.  The eldest boy of our compound Albin ate a small slice of cake. The reason was he wanted to eat all the food on the buffet. There were ice-creams, fizzy drinks and variety of food. 

There were even some of my favorites like butter chicken and porotta.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wednesday Surprise

‘’Look at this poor thing.’’ Uncle Joshi said to me, patting a dove that was on his hands. It seemed to be sitting comfortably.

 I stroked its head. It was very soft and that too a beautiful white dove, with dark black eyes.

Uncle had found it in the street. It was the victim of a cat. The cat was aiming at it, ready to strike, but uncle rescued the frightened dove, and brought it to the compound. He had shown it to us. I and my friends, Nichiketh and Albin were most astonished.

I was eager to show the dove to my parents, so I took it out of uncle’s hands and made it settle down. Then, after Albin took a picture of it sitting on my hands, I and Nichiketh went off.

Mom and Dad were just as astonished. By looking at their faces, I could understand their question, what was a dove doing in my hands?

I told what happened. Then Dad told me to put it down so that we could see wheather the dove could fly or not.

I put it down. It tried to fly but could not. It just fell down. I became surprised. Had the cat harmed it? It didn’t seem to be hurt.

But my parents had other ideas. They simply thought it was ill. But the rest of us didn’t believe them.

That day it slept inside the basket which was on the bathtub of an unused toilet inside our home. But we moved it today away. All you need is to look inside the bathtub. It was full of droppings. Thankfully, we had told Nichiketh that it needed a new home. So he found a perfect place for the bird. It was an old hen-coop. There used to be some hens before, but now empty. There is even a lock. So I decided it was okay.

Our parents thought the same thing too. So we put the bird inside it and filled 2 bowls with grains and water. I guess Mom’s happy she got rid of the bird and you know why.

There are still some more interesting things that the dove did today, but since there are many of them I will write the rest later.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Vishu

‘’Wake up, wake up!’’ mom was calling me ”it’s Vishu. don’t you want to see the beautiful Vishukani?” I jumped out off bed. Whenever an exciting thing come, all my mother has to do is to say it and I would be out off bed in a second.

For several days we have been waiting for this day to come.  She covered my eyes and took me to the dining room.

There was the beautiful Vishukani, filling the room with light. There were raw mangoes, coconut, kindi, tulasi, a rose, nirapara, and a few vegetables. And then the picture of Lord Guruayappa.  

Vishu is also my favorite day because of vishukaineettam. Today I got vishukaineettam from my parents. I can spend this myself and nobody is going to stop me!

Last night, when I went to bed, my parents were busy preparing vishu kani. I was more excited, I could not get sleep for some time. I was thinking, thinking, thinking, until my thoughts vanished and I went to sleep.  

Mom is preparing some yummy food like payasam (kheer) and ada. Yum,yum here I come!

Wish you all a nice and prosperous Vishu.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Fishy News!

Dad gave me the idea that maybe we should buy two pet fishes. And because of that I have been reminding him all day, so that he would not forget. At last we went to a pet shop. There were cats, cocks and fishes etc. The cats were white and fluffy. There were two roosters and many types of fishes.  Sometimes one of the roosters would go cock-a-doodle-doo!

We chose a bowl and took 4 small fishes. One is silver color fish, Dad has named it Silvy. The black one was named by Mom as Leela. The rest were named by me. One is Lily, it is very easy to recognize it because its backbone can be seen clearly. The other one is Goldie. I will post a picture later.

One day, we went to the hospital to get my Mom’s eyes checked. The doctor told she needs spectacles. Previously another doctor had told the same thing. We had bought her a spectacle. But the main problem was Mom keeps telling she needs them but she never wears it. But if she is watching a movie you could see her with her spectacles looking seriously at the movie.

Mom’s best friend aunt Dalia is coming tomorrow from India. Mom is very excited.

Just recently I saw a very funny and silly thing that even a small baby could say. I was watching the news and suddenly it showed like this.

“Breaking news!! Mahendra Singh Dhoni shaved his head.” In the news I could clearly see his bald head glittering in the sunlight.  

I thought “what a silly thing to be breaking news”. I wondered, “Why do they think that shaving somebody’s head is very important. I have seen lots of people looking like that.”

Saturday, April 2, 2011

No more junk food

For some days I have been ill. I could not sleep properly at night. Because of this cold I could not go swimming with my friends, which I love to do. If only they had filled the swimming pool after my cold went I could have been happy. Every night, my nose gets blocked and I keep sniffing and make my parents awake.

Yesterday uncle Biju and aunt Deepa came from India with their new born son, Rishik.

This is what happened:

We decided that Mom should stay back home because otherwise it would be congested in the car and would make the baby uncomfortable.

The baby, Rishik was asleep on his mother’s lap. Sometimes I kept looking back to see if he was awake. He would mutter some sounds in his sleep and would make me think he was awake.

I did a wonderful drawing by myself and made my parents proud. The teacher said it looked beautiful and I was very happy. I showed it to some of my classmates, to make them say “wow!”.  At least now you know the reason why I am keeping the photo here.

Junk food is now banned in every school canteen. It makes me sad. Imagine, not being able to eat anything you want from the canteen. I wonder if they will give healthy food such as dosa, iddali, chatni etc.

First I thought that food like pastries, pizza, burgers and fizzy drinks Pepsi, Mirinda etc. were available.  But NO, I think every child is suffering, except the small children who are not the age to go school now.

Just now when I was writing this, a happy news came. India won the 2011 world cup!!!! Let me watch TV, bye bye...