Sunday, June 26, 2011

First blog anniversary

June 26th!

Today is a special day. It is my first blog anniversary. I have completed a year of blogging. 

Last night we had dinner at pizza hut and there is a special reason behind it. Guess what it is? I had received full marks for social studies and science in monthly test.

My Dad also gave me 5 riyals as pocket money. I think I have more than 100 riyals now, I am planning to spend this money with my cousins in India and have so much of fun. Just think of it!

I have a pizza shaped scar on my knee. Two days back I tripped over a step and hurt my knee when I went to call my friends out to play.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Eye infection

“Owww..!!” I moaned. I pressed my forehead to the cool wall. “What happened?” Mom asked, taking the school bag off my shoulders.  “I got a headache” I said feeling very hot “it’s been a very hot day.”

“Well, after taking food go to sleep immediately. It will soothe you.” And that I did. But in the night my eyes started watering while I was reading a book. Now I was feeling uneasy, I was sure something had happened to my right eye. 

When we were sleeping, I was getting nightmares every now and then. When I woke up with a start, I felt something strange. I could not open my right eye. And even if I could open my left one everything in front of me seemed really strange. Like, as if there was light fog. It felt like somebody had stuck my eyelashes together with superglue. I was scared to death that if I wouldn’t pull eyelids open then it would stay like that.

In the morning Mom woke me up. I was feeling hot and uncomfortable. Then I noticed I could not open my eyes, how much ever I tried. Mom took me to the bathroom and started cleaning my eyes. She wiped away the rheum.

Mom started writing a note in my school diary that I had eye infection which was true. It was only later when Dad discovered that she had written “Dear Janaki” instead of “Dear Teacher”.

I had to go school because there was science test that day. Mom and Dad had to pick me up after the test at the school office.

We went to the doctor and drove to Wooden Bakery restaurant to have some food. The food was very tasty. I had lemonade and it tasted great. We had a pizza too and each of us took three slices. 

This is the happiest part of having eye infection and the worst part is to copy your school notes which you have missed that day.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Birthday girl

“Finally” I thought “June, the month which holds my birthday has come.”

I was feeling very delighted. I went to the bedroom and saw my parents were discussing something. I asked them “Dad, Mom, what are you discussing?”

“Well” Mom began “we have decided to celebrate your birthday on this Wednesday.”

“What” I almost screamed. I started jumping and skipping around the house.

“Yeaiii.. we are having a party” back Mom told Dad “I wish I didn’t say that”

On Wednesday all the children in the compound came to our home. The children came at 8:30 and adults were invited for 9:00pm. Tolha and Ayesha were the first. Just after they stepped into my room the door bell rang. It was Slomo. As we got inside my room I saw something in Tolha’s hand. “I wonder what you have got for me.”  “it’s a watch” Ayesha declared. “Hey, you are not supposed to say that” I laughed.

At that time Slomo was exploring my room looking at all the little show pieces over there.  One by one came my friends, and I started the rotating disco light inside my room.

After few of my friends arrived we cut the cake which we bought from “Wooden bakery”. All my friends simply loved it.

Albin was the last to arrive. He came after the cake cutting. He had brought a box with him wrapped in colorful paper. There was a small card outside which  says

“Yo, Janaki.
We wish you the best while your birthday is here.
Happy, adventurous and wonderful year. Have fun!!!”

On the back it was written..

“Just for you…
Your dude,

Till now I have not thrown any of these cards. I have just saved them all, even the ones with the fewest words on it.

We had ordered a buffet from a hotel. The food was arranged at the courtyard.  Dad kept few chairs outside. I was a little late because I was helping Ayesha to get some food. So when I went to have a chair all of them were taken. I sat on the steps. Suddenly Raja saw me there. He got up and offered me his chair. “No, it’s ok” I tried to make him change his mind. Finally he said “If you don’t sit on my chair then I am not going to eat this food.” I had to listen to him.

Later we watched the movie “Alvin and the chipmunks - 2”. After everyone left I tore open my gifts.  There were many things, especially watches.

Now I have total of six watches!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Trip to Riyadh Museum

“Girls, we are going to have a trip next week” everybody pricked their ears at once. “we are going to a museum” announced our teacher.

 “But why museum” asked a girl. “Malls are more fun”. Oh, for crying out loud, groaned a few girls. But I was very delighted.

Our teacher made a tired face too. “It might be a little boring.”

Now I started having second thoughts, “its okay” I decided.

Back home, I told Mom about the trip. “When we get the notice, please let me go Mom” I begged “pretty please!”

“Don’t make puppy eyes at me” laughed Mom. “You know I let you go on every trip you get into your hands. Till now I have never said NO and anyway it is an educational trip. It will be good for you.”

Sunday, teacher told us to wear abaya (purdah) for the trip because it is compulsory in the museum.

None of us could wait; we all had to buy our abayas.

Finally, the big day came. All of us were dancing in the class showing each other the black dress we wore. Then we went to the auditorium to attend the assembly.  

Later our teacher led us to the busses. Two classes had to go in one bus.

It took us some time to reach there. We gave our bags to an officer in the museum’s entrance who kept them in a safe place.

One side of the museum there was water with fake, hard rocks underneath. The water was very shallow. So we stepped into the water. It only reached until our ankles, but that was enough to make our socks wet.

We entered to the museum hall. The most interesting thing among all the others displayed there was the huge elephant’s skeleton. Long ago these huge beasts once walked over Saudi Arabia.  There was the first hand written book of Islam and a short movie of the wars before.

After we finish seeing things, everybody shouted that they wanted to play in the water again.  There was a huge waterfall and it had a bridge behind it.  There was even a raft.

When we reached back classroom we took off our shoes and started playing around. Ameera’s white socks turned blue, Faiza’s went purple and mine became light pink!