Thursday, December 20, 2012

The first kid to get The Third Wheel @ Jarir Bookstore!

The winter holidays have started and now I am totally looking forward to the whole of the two weeks that are stretching out in front of me.

But there are many obstacles lying in front like the dozens of projects that I have to complete before the holiday finishes.

Seriously, why do teachers have to give projects and holiday homework? It is almost like this in every vacation.


If I ever become a school principal, the most important rule will be, No holiday homework!


We went to Jarir bookstore today to buy some things that I needed to make my projects and besides, I also wanted to check if the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel had been released.

We could not find it anywhere and I was a teeny bit disappointed because I really wanted to read it.

Later I just took a few books, sat on a bench and began to read.

I was halfway through Big Nate Goes for Broke (I love Big Nate) when Dad came over and said that I needed to go with him to the counter. “They have that Wimpy Kid book” he said, smiling.

I was really happy and when we reached the counter, the salesman whipped out a bunch of books. And there right in the middle was my darling book!

“You are the first kid in Jarir to get the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid. It was brought just today. We sent a man to get it from the warehouse, which was why at first you could not find it” explained the salesman. We thanked him and I went back to my bench hugging my book.

I have to go now my friends! I have to read my books.  Ciao!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Oscar for Valyachan - will the dream come true?

‘’ It is Valyamma” Mom said, handing me the phone. I spoke, “Hello?” No answer. I spoke again “Hellllooooo”?

The next thing I knew, Dad was kneeling beside my bed and asking, “Janu, what is the matter?“

That was when I knew it was all a dream, except the part where Dad was asking me what happened. Anyway, I felt too lazy to answer him and soon, I was asleep.

I think the reason why I had this dream is because last couple of days Amma and Valymma was always over the phone.

I laughed out loud in the morning when I and my parents recalled the events that had happened previous night. Sometimes I do get confused between my dreams and what really happened. And one time my Dad thought that one of his dreams was real….

We were at Dammam for few days since my Dad had to go there for a business trip and we were all at our hotel and on the bed. Both my parents were out cold. I was just simply lying when Dad suddenly opened his eyes, sat up and examined himself. I wondered why and asked him the reason. Apparently he had a dream in which he caught chickenpox and was covered in red spots all over.

My Valyachan Sreevalsan J. Menon (father of Rockstar Nara), composed background music and 2 songs for the movie Saint Dracula. And now, that movie has been qualified to be among the 100 movies competing for the Oscar award.  It is a dream comes true for all of us. All the Indian newspapers had his name on it for the past 2 days.

We are all very excited and happy now and we are all eagerly waiting for the results.  I really hope Saint Dracula wins.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Children's problems

 “Papa! Papa! Where are you?” the little boy called. He wandered still calling out “Papa!”

We had gone to Lulu and I watched a boy who was looking for his father. He was lost and looked close to tears. I decided to help. But he had already gone, still calling out for his father. 

I felt sorry for him as he now sobbed a little while still calling.   

I saw a news article that was also related about a child and his parents. It said…

Two parents have been jailed for hurting their child in Norway. Apparently, the child had been burnt with a very hot spoon and also had been beaten by his parents badly. He had many bruises on his body and some burnt marks. They are Indians. The father has been jailed for 18 months and the mother for 15 months.

I was shocked and astonished when I read this. I never imagined that a small boy could be hurt that much and that too by his own parents!

My Dad joked that now he was very scared of me and he will try to not scold me again. 

He does not scold me too much anyway.

Last week school was not too exciting. We studied at the Quran classroom for 3 days because our class had become dominated by the 4 year olds. There was going to be a parent teacher interaction for the younger children and that was why this happened.
After those 3 desperate-for-our-old-classroom days, we were all relieved when we went back to our old class today.

And the Quran sir seemed relieved too.                                                                                                                                                                               

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Jerry in my room

“The movie we are about to watch is a classic Iranian movie“, Dad said. He was talking about “Children of Heaven

The movie started and the three of us watched intently.

It was a very touching movie, about 2 children who struggle with 1 pair of sneakers after a boy Ali loses his sister Zahra’s only pair of shoes.  They belonged to a poor family.

Then Ali tries to win the 3rd prize in a race because the 3rd prize was sneakers. But he ends up winning 1st prize instead. 

We all enjoyed the movie.

Dad told me a joke today. It was really funny. Look…….

A family who did not know English very well went to London. In their room at their hotel, they found a mouse scurrying underneath their bed. The man called the front desk.

Man – “Uh, hello”

Manager – “How can I help you?’’

Man (thinks for a while) – “Um, you know ‘Tom and Jerry’?

Manager (surprised) – “Yes sir”

Man – “Jerry is here”

I laughed aloud when I heard this. 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

A funny incident

“Sit here.”

 Jayshree Ma’am told this to a boy studying in the Nursery class. The boy did so, a sulky look on his face.

Just then, a small girl came. It was her birthday, so she was distributing chocolate to all the teachers in the block. “Thank you” Ma’am said. She then started to give us some advice about the test the next day and kept her chocolate on the teacher’s table.

The boy looked at chocolate for some time and then, when Ma’am faced the blackboard, quickly shot out his hand and took the chocolate.

“ Hey, that is not for you!” ma’am snapped. She had seen him do that. “ Keep it back.” He did it, a sullen look on his face.

He did the same thing again but he was still not so fortunate. By this time, we were snorting and trying not to laugh.

‘’Do you know why you are here?” she asked him. “It is because you are a very naughty boy and you keep hitting other children. A complaint has come about you and I brought you here so that you would not be able to beat anyone. Your father is coming to see me.”

“mein ne kuch ..” he started. “Speak in English” Ma’am said, sharply.  

“I… not beat others’’   

“As if.”

At the end of the period, Ma’am picked up her things and chocolate and said “Thank you girls. I have to go now.”

“What about this guy Ma’am?” all of us said, nodding towards him.

“Thank you for reminding me. I almost forgot about him.” She jerked the boy to his feet, and he followed her out.

We then burst into laughter.  

Monday, November 19, 2012

Trip to Al Hokair Land


Screams filled the air as the “Hollywood” rotated. “I don’t know whether these screams are of joy or being scared.” I told Chandana. Chandana just shrugged.

We were at Al Hokair Land yesterday.

When the ride stopped everybody on it got off. “ Our turn!” I said in glee. We both climbed on it and pulled down the restraint. Manasi and Chandana were on either side of me. “How was the ride?” I asked Rabia who had already tried the ride and was watching us “It was scary but awesome!” Rabia yelled.  “Your legs will be flying off the seat.” I think me and Chandana would have jumped out if the ride would not have started then. I mean, sometimes scary rides are not really my thing. Chandana felt the same way too.

The ride began to go up then to the right and down fast, Rabia was right. All the 15 girl’s legs were now swing in the air. We started to scream since we all felt like we were about to fall off. I poked my head through the middle of the restraint and tried to pull up my glasses on my nose properly as it kept sliding down.

When it stopped finally, we were all trembling as we got out. Our legs felt shaky too.
We also went on the cable car which was in the shape of a hot air balloon. Linda also joined us this time. A cool breeze rushed in and the three of us enjoyed the ride, pointing and shouting at our friends, trying to catch their attention. The balloon went near the roller coaster too. It took a ride around the whole park slowly.

Then we went on the bumper cars twice and enjoyed it a lot. We also went on a boat ride and the strong current of the water washed our boat along the narrow path. We loved it so much that we went on it 2 times too.

We got KFC as a snack.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

How 'bout a cheetah cub as Diwali gift?

I can’t believe this!!!  We are going to have Thursday classes in school!!!! Noooo!!! (For those who do not know about Saudi Arabia, here the weekend is Thursday & Friday.)

My Thursday schedule is to sleep and get up late and then study after half an hour.  Afternoon I have to go to my drawing class at 5. Dad said that we would protest against this, so I am not going to attend this Thursday class. 

But when we saw the circular that said our field trip is on next Sunday, it lifted our spirits up. 

Oh, and Happy Diwali!!

Tomorrow we have a holiday because of Diwali. And on Wednesday we are also allowed to wear colour dress.  Yaaaaay!!!!!!! I am so excited.

Dad had subscribed National Geographic, National Geographic Traveler’s magazine and National Geographic Kids magazine for me. In one ofthem the following line was written;

‘Cheetahs remain highly fashionable in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, where a cub can fetch upwards of $10,000. A rich, young man buys himself a cheetah to go with his sports car” ’

Did you hear that?

During Eid holidays Dad showed us the desert where he and some friends at his office had gone once at night. “It is very nice to see” he said. So we all went to see it.That part of the desert was near the airport. While we drove on, a car passed us and we were startled to see a cheetah cub looking at us through the window! It was sitting on the man who was driving and had perched it’s paws on his arm.

So you can call this as a coincidence.

The desert was beautiful with curvy sand dunes and smooth golden sand. The only sad thing was since people came to picnic there, they had thrown rubbish here and there.

Friday, November 2, 2012

No more Zzzzzz..... back to school

Today is the last day of Hajj holidays, Oh noooooooo!!!

I wonder how lousy my classmates must be feeling.

I now find it difficult to wake up even at 10:30 .I just keeps on sleeping till its 11:30. Then how am I going to get up at 6:30 from tomorrow????

I can sleep even if there is an alarm next to me. One day Dad set up an alarm clock under my bed so that I would immediately wake up at 9:30. It didn’t work out, though.

Still, I am excited to see my friends.

I saw a lot of movies these holidays. Some of them are Megamind, Ella Enchanted, Enchanted, The Black Stallion, Corpse Bride, etc.

Dad looks jealous when he watches me sleep for a long time while he has to get up early to go office. But he seems happy that both of us can leave home together from tomorrow. Morning Dad drops me at school and I reach home by school bus.

Monday, October 29, 2012

'Zucchini' lunch at Steak House

“I think it’s better if I order” Dad said.

He tore his eyes away from the menu.  We shrugged “Ok’’. “I will select something healthy too” said Dad, and then studied the menu carefully.

We were sitting at a table at the restaurant ‘Steak House’ and were wondering about what we had to order.

After 5 minutes, he motioned a waiter to come near. “We will go for some grilled vegetables, and the country fried chicken dinner… Oh and the black rock steak”

Sometime later, the waiter brought us a large plate of grilled vegetables. “This is the healthy food you ordered?” I asked. Dad nodded. “Since we liked grilled vegetables from Smoke House, we will like these too. There will be different varieties of vegetables.”

I poked my fork around the plate and ate 2 mushrooms and then stopped eating.  I felt I had enough vegetables, so I waited for the chicken.

“There is only zucchini mostly. And it’s accompanied with only about 4 mushrooms, 3 carrots and 1 tomato. Do they have a zucchini farm here or what?” Mom grumbled.  I laughed, even though it was true. I could only see zucchini everywhere.

But the country fried chicken and the black rock grilled  steak were great. The steak was simply beef being sizzled on a heavy, hot, black rock.  And accompanied by (drum roll please)………………… ZUCCHINI!!

Mom looked like she was about to faint. That only made me and Dad laugh harder.

We had Warm Chocolate Volcano for desert.

When we walked back to the car, Mom told Dad “Never order anything for us again.”

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Weekend at Al Khobar

“Vrooom Vrooooooom”, Dad turned the key and the engine came to life with a start.

Since it was Hajj holidays and Dad also had 5 days holidays, we decided to go Al Khobar.

It was a great day and the weather matched perfectly with our moods. It was neither hot nor cold. October was certainly a great month.

Sometime later, we were far from the city and the car sped along the Riyadh - Dammam highway.  The highway cut through the desert until we reached Dammam. It had smooth golden sand which did not have a single foot- print on it. There were some sand-dunes too. Camels or the “ship of the desert” grazed at the areas where there were patches of grass here and there.

Finally when we reached Khobar, we became a little more joyful since we had sat for 4 hours in the car. We were simply longing to stretch our legs.

Our hotel was called the Tulip Inn Sea View. It was a 4-star hotel, but not so good like we expected.  

I went straight into the bedroom and drew the curtains. There was a breath-taking view of the Persian Gulf! You could have stood there for hours and hours.

Afternoon me and Dad had a swim in the hotel pool. 

After we rested, we drove out to the King Fahd causewayThe causeway connected Saudi Arabia and Bahrain through Persian Gulf and there is a man- made island in the middle.

It was awesome. The water of the sea glinted and shone. 

We had our breakfast at a vegetarian restaurant called “Sukh Sagar” on Friday. We all enjoyed the food and we were also surprised because it was the first time we were seeing a vegetarian restaurant in Saudi Arabia.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dinner at Awshal restaurant

As usual our Thursday evening started with a discussion of where to go for dinner.  It was a hard choice.

“You have 3 options” Dad said, “American, Indian or Arabic food”.

“No Indian food tonight” Mom said. I added “No Arabic too”, Dad laughed. 

“Why don’t we go to Awshal, the restaurant which I told you about?” Dad suggested and we agreed.

We ordered seafood grill and bar-b-q. Altogether it was yummy. I wanted to end dinner with chocolate mousse as desert, but unfortunately it was not available today.

In my last entry I wrote that I was going to beautify my hand.

Yes, that’s exactly what I did.

Last night I put on nail polish and mehndi on my palm. Today I did another design on the back of my hand.

 I must say, it is beautiful. Thank goodness for the computer.

Yesterday, I found something interesting in my new edition of National Geographic magazine which is a magazine for kids. It said:

“If you eat cheese after every meal, it actually slows down tooth decay.” Pretty cool!

The only problem is that Mom and Dad never buy cheese or even butter because they say it’s fatty. Not that the cheese is fat, but it contains a lot of fat.

So, I guess sometimes Mom and Dad think that eating cheese for breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner is 8 times worse than fighting with a crocodile.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

No more floral designs


Two weeks of holidays, starting from tomorrow!

The Hajj holidays are stretching out for two weeks so I have a lot of time to play. Lovely!!

But that doesn’t mean that we can always fool around. I have to do Maths holiday homework and also learn for the FA-3 next month.

But on the first day of the holidays I never study. Today I am planning to beautify my hand with mehndi and nail polish. Yipeeee!!!

The only problem that I have every time is that I can’t get a good design in my head. So usually I end up drawing a flower and decorating it with dots.

When I was younger, I would draw a lot of crazy and weird shapes on my hand. These included a flower, some lines, dots and circles.

Now I am planning to look for easy mehndi designs with the help of my trusted computer.

2 weeks back, Mom’s old college friend, Uncle Anish visited us. Actually he had an important meeting in Riyadh and that’s why he was able to meet us. Mom was really excited.

Today we had a class party in school to celebrate because of the holidays. All of us brought food, so there was ice-cream, pizza, cake, doughnuts, chips, biriyani, Pepsi, chocolates etc.

We also decorated the class and in the end sprayed snow spray. It sprays soap which looks like snow. We have it for every party, so it’s almost like a class tradition.  It fell on our hair, hands and face.  Altogether, we had a great time.

What lovely days!!!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Will the new school be cool?

“Who knows Hindi very well and would like to be in the Hindi skit?”

Our school’s putting on a Hindi skit. I am not good at speaking or writing Hindi, so when the teachers came to our class and asked that question I didn’t say anything.

Even though many of my classmates know Hindi since most of them are from North India, only 2 girls got up, their face beaming.

I am a little nervous to be on stage anyway, I mean God knows if whether I will make a mistake or anything like that.  

But the good thing about the skit was that we got some free periods. On Wednesday we got a free period from Hindi and art.

Our school hasn’t shifted till now. But I do feel a little curious about the new school. Will it have a ground? Will it be spacious? Will it look boring? Many questions filled me even though I knew nobody would be able to answer them without seeing the school first.

My friends are a little curious like me too. We don’t know when we are shifting and that is such a bother.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Onam and Kochakka's housewarming

I was dreaming that time. “Wake up” Mom was saying. Suddenly I felt that someone was pushing me. I opened one eye to find that Mom was really waking me up. I dragged myself out of bed.

It was second day of Onam. Kunjunni and Kunjichechi had made me promise that before they went to school, I had to reach their home to make the pookkalam (floral carpet).

So, I quickly chewed my food, and washed it down with a glass of water. 2 mins later, I rode down in the lift and skipped across the road to Valyamma’s home.

Over there, we plucked some leaves from the garden because Valyamma had already bought the flowers. Then we drew the pattern on the ground with a chalk.

We carefully filled the design with the flower petals and leaves, laughing and chattering all the time. We were feeling happy and great. But we were also sad because the next day I was going back to Riyadh.

Valyamma gave me some flowers so that I could make the pookalam in front of my house too. When I reached home, I saw my younger brother, Dev sitting on the sofa and happily playing with a toy Shrek. He is Kochakka’s (uncle Sujesh) son and it was their house-warming that day. They also live in the same building, we are on the 6th floor and they live on the 7th.

Dev sat next to me, watching me carefully as I drew a pattern on the ground. I gave him some petals and asked him to fill a circle. I told him that the petals must not go out of the circle and showed him how to do it. He watched me patiently and then copied me.

Later, I bathed and then wore new clothes and went upstairs.

The puja had finished when I got there, and Kochamma and my Grandma were giving everyone plates and were piling them with sambar, chutney and idlies. Then, we had payasam.

Everyone rested for some time and then we all went to “The Classic Fort” and had lunch there.

All together, it was a busy and wonderful day. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Holiday Infection :(

Even though I have written in some of my entries that Riyadh was boring, there is also one reason I like about it. That is because of Saudi National Day!!!!

Saudi National day is on 23rd September, which is near the weekend. And here the weekend consists of the days Thursday and Friday. So, we get Saturday and Sunday as holidays too! How cool is that?!

Saudi National Day is celebrated because it is the day King Abdu Aziz Al Saud in 1932 concluded the unification of the country.

At first I and my classmates thought that Sunday would be the only day we would get holiday. We were like” Oohhhh Noooooo!!”

But then when we got the slip that said we actually had 2 extra days’ holidays, then pandemonium!

Now I am sitting at home, writing this and stuck with eye infection. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
Dad had eye infection too a few days back and I think that now I got it from him!!

Why should I get eye-infection right at the beginning of my holidays?? It’s not every day that Saudi National day is celebrated and we get holidays? And that’s when I have got 3 whole days stretching in front of me!!!!

What would Scooby doo???? I feel so mad, sad and insane!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Mom's friends

“Ring ring……….ring.’’

Mom picked the phone and spoke into it. “Hello, who is this? ………Sreedevi??!!!  Is that really you? Ok fine we will be there in a minute!!”

Mom put down the phone and looked at me with excitement. The next thing I knew, I was on my feet and was sent flying to the bedroom to change.

When we were waiting outside the flat to catch an auto rickshaw I asked Mom what had happened. She said that her old college friends Sreedevi and Susan were waiting for her at Oberon mall.  

At Oberon Mall, Aunt Sreedevi and Aunt Susan were waiting for Mom with open hands. Mom hugged them happily.

I was very happy to meet Aunt Sreedevi, because she is a regular reader of my blog and keeps sending me encouraging comments.

Aunt Susan’s children’s names were Steve and Stan. Steve is in the 7th grade while Stan in the first grade, they live in Kuwait. Aunt Sreedevi also had 2 children, Pooja and Tarun.

Pooja and I chatted a lot and I learnt that she is in the 8th grade. Her brother was in second grade. She lives in Texas so I asked her a lot of questions: Is there a cafeteria in your school? Are there Talent shows? Are the kids there nice?

I know a lot about American schools through books and movies, and I got to know even more about them with Pooja’s help.

All the mothers sat in a group and chatted. We had chicken and ice-cream there.

We came back home, beaming, happy and with our tummies round.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Manakad - a memoir by 4th generation

“……… you are the 4th generation of Aandiyathu" Dad finished  saying.  I blinked.

Dad was telling me about his ancestral home at Manakkad.  He told me that I am the 4th generation of Aandiyathu. Apparently, my great-grandfather lived in that house, then my grandfather, Dad and now me.

Dad told me about the times he and his cousins, aunts, uncles used to go to the river during the holidays and bathed and played there.
I imagined Dad in his underwear, jumping into the river, while his aunts watched and washed their clothes and his cousins and uncles all swimming with him. Some of them were expert swimmers, like Sarada Chitta, who used to carry uncle Sujesh on her back across the river.

“Aaaaahhhhhhh, memories” Dad said dreamily. There was no doubt that he was remembering his babyhood, childhood and olden days.

I tried to remember my days there.  For example, like the times we went to the river.
When I was a lot more younger, I used to be scared of the fishe in the river. I was really scared of them even though they were small. The reason, I thought they would come to my toes and bite them off and so, practically, I wouldn’t have any toes left.

Thank goodness I am older now and not afraid of silly things like being afraid of fish.
Except that I am a little scared (okay, a lot scared!) of sharks…………….

To remove my phobia of fish, I made a solemn oath;
I, Janaki S Nair, with a sound mind and sound body, is now
And believe it or not, it totally worked!

It is much easier to swim in a pool for me. This time, we bought me a new swimsuit and went for swimming at Rajiv Gandhi Indoor stadium.  

There are endless stories and memories about Aandiyathu, I cannot write them all in one day. So Adios.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Aunt Gouri, Aandiyathu home and London

The main 2 reasons why we left to India early were;
                                - Aunt Gouri’s marriage
                                - Housewarming of our new home

These 2 things happened in just 1 week.

Aunt Gouri’s marriage was FUNtastic! This means fun and fantastic.

Me, Dad and Gopichan were standing down at the front of the hall, receiving guests. Mom was with Geethama, helping aunt Gouri to put on her makeup.

The sadya was great and all our relatives were there. My cousins Kunjunni, Kunjichechi, Savithri, Shanku, Madhavan and Keshavan were also there. My cousins and I went up to a balcony which was in the hall itself and we sat there comfortably and watched everything.

Though I was kind of disappointed that since I was sitting at the balcony I would not be able to throw flower petals…………  But in any case, the marriage was a blast!!!!!!!!!!!

We did our flat’s housewarming that following week and then after some weeks our house was fully furnished and looking cute and cozy.  And by the way, house- warming does not mean to warm up the house! It means to do pujas and pray that we will all be safe and happy in our new home. 

We named our house “Aandiyathu” after our ancestral home in Thodupuzha.

After marriage Aunt Gouri went to London with Uncle Ashwin because that is where Uncle works.

We also went to London and stayed there for almost a month when I was younger. Uncle Sujesh (Kochakka) was working there so we stayed with him.  I even celebrated my 6th birthday there.

We saw Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Big Ben, Tower Bridge and lots more. We spent 3 days on an island called Isle of Wight.  It was awesome. 

We went to Windsor Studios where you can dress as a princess and have your photo taken.

Since it has been some years since we went to London, I do not remember everything clearly. So one day I asked Dad whether he could take me to London again. He replied “When you are older and have a job, you can take me there instead!”  So that means he can wait for the next 15 years till I get a job.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Yippee!! I met Shiny Ma'am

One of the happiest things that happened to me when I went to India was bumping into my 4th grade class teacher, Shiny ma’am.

Me, Mom, Appupan (grandpa) and Ammuma (grandma) were shopping at Nucleus mall. Appuppan, Ammumma and Mom were packing some vegetables in plastic bags. I was just standing near them when I saw Shiny ma’am. I was astonished to see her and then she noticed me and she looked surprised too.

But wait!!! Before I go on, I better tell you about Shiny ma’am.

Shiny ma’am was our 4th grade class teacher. She was like, the best teacher ever. She was funny and really kind.  Sometimes she would tell us exciting information. When we were in the 5th grade we still talked about her.

Later her husband got transferred and they had to go to South Africa. We all were really sad and upset, including her.

So seeing her at Nucleus was really exciting. I ran towards her and we hugged. Ma’am‘s sister and Mom was also there. My Mom first looks surprised, and then she recognized my teacher. Ma’am said that whenever she heard the song “Country roads”, the song I sang and won 3rd prize in our singing competition, she always thought of me.

It was almost like a teacher-student reunion. After sometime we said bye and went home.
I just have to tell my classmates about this. After all, they loved Shiny ma’am just like me. But I swear no one’s gonna believe me. I can tell you what’s going to happen in a few steps….  

1.     I tell them what happened.
2.    They say that they don’t believe me and that I have gone bonkers.
3.    Then I have to swear, promise, hold my ears and protest that after all, she is from Kerala and can’t she come to her homeland for vacation?

I think that my classmates assume that once a person goes to another place, they never go back to their own country.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

It happens only in Kerala..

Hello everyone, I am back!

Did you miss me? I went to India for 3 months and had a blast with my cousins and friends. Since my cousins Kunjunni (also known as Rockstar Nara) and Kunji chechi (sister of Rockstar Nara) lived nearby they came over every day!

And guess what? I saw 6 movies which are Thattathin Marayathu, Ustad Hotel, Madagascar 3, Batman -The Dark Knight rises, The Amazing Spiderman and Ice Age 4: Continental Drift. All 6 of them were superb, exciting and funny.

We just arrived today from the “Land Of Coconuts” and we were exhausted. We had hardly slept for 4 hours because our flight was overnight. Our ears popped when the plane took off and landed and it hurt a lot too. 

We had ordered 25 books from FlipKart and Valyamma had bought a few for me, so I spent most of the days reading.

My cousins Savithri and Sanku came all the way from Alappuzha to Thrippunithura and stayed with us for some days and we brought the house down with our noise. It was all exciting!

I will give you all the details about my vacation later, right now I am soooo tired.  Goodbye!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Away for 3 months ...

I am going to India tomorrow! Yaaay!!

We are going for 3 months. I will come in August. Woo hoo! 

Gouri’s marriage is on June 2, we are going to attend it.

My classmates bid me goodbye with tears and hugs, so I kind of felt like some celebrity.
It is summer here now, so they changed the school timings. The school starts at 7:25 and ends at 12:00, now I reach home early.

Our new flat in India has been already furnished. Now there is only 1 thing left: live in it. My grandpa and grandma are also going to live with us. But the best part is that my cousins, kunjunni and kunji chechi are just living opposite of the flat. So any time I can go and play with them.

I am also going for swimming, drawing and math tuition. Mom is even thinking that we both should go for yoga class. Breathe in……… breathe out……………….

These are the reasons why I am so excited. I can hardly wait to go!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton and me :-)

Just yesterday, Varun, his siblings Varsha and Akaash, Gayathri and her sibling Appu and Hari visited us.  We had a clean game of Ludo and Scrabble.

I think Scrabble is a boring game. But my old science teacher loved it. She said it would “greatly improve your brain” and it’s a “lot of fun’’. But I would rather fall out of an aero-plane than play Scrabble. 

The first time I discovered Scrabble is a really boring game was when I signed up to play it each Wednesday at school during activity periods. We could choose 5 activities and we would play 1 activity every Wednesday. But my friends and I made 2 groups and I had to spend 2 hours racking my brain because my friends considered me a “topper” since I got good marks. 

The reason I even took out Scrabble from my cupboard was because at first we didn’t have anything to play and we were desperate. 

The worst thing about being a “topper” is that your friends ask you for a solution for almost everything, even if you have forgotten its answer or how to do it. So don’t ever ask me how Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton got on with their life.

But now my friends will have to consider me as clever because everyone knows I have a blog and they enjoyed it a lot.

Devika’s birthday is next week and she and her folks are celebrating it at a restaurant and I and my parents are invited. I am really looking forward to it. But the sad thing is that while we are having a blast Ammu chechi will be in India studying away for the exams.

The great thing about a restaurant is that all the food is tasty. And sometimes there might be a buffet too.

Next week I have my exams. I am fully prepared and ready to answer any question, anytime, anywhere; but my Mom isn’t so sure J.  

A lot of things have been happening these days and I can consider them as “busy days”.