Monday, October 29, 2012

'Zucchini' lunch at Steak House

“I think it’s better if I order” Dad said.

He tore his eyes away from the menu.  We shrugged “Ok’’. “I will select something healthy too” said Dad, and then studied the menu carefully.

We were sitting at a table at the restaurant ‘Steak House’ and were wondering about what we had to order.

After 5 minutes, he motioned a waiter to come near. “We will go for some grilled vegetables, and the country fried chicken dinner… Oh and the black rock steak”

Sometime later, the waiter brought us a large plate of grilled vegetables. “This is the healthy food you ordered?” I asked. Dad nodded. “Since we liked grilled vegetables from Smoke House, we will like these too. There will be different varieties of vegetables.”

I poked my fork around the plate and ate 2 mushrooms and then stopped eating.  I felt I had enough vegetables, so I waited for the chicken.

“There is only zucchini mostly. And it’s accompanied with only about 4 mushrooms, 3 carrots and 1 tomato. Do they have a zucchini farm here or what?” Mom grumbled.  I laughed, even though it was true. I could only see zucchini everywhere.

But the country fried chicken and the black rock grilled  steak were great. The steak was simply beef being sizzled on a heavy, hot, black rock.  And accompanied by (drum roll please)………………… ZUCCHINI!!

Mom looked like she was about to faint. That only made me and Dad laugh harder.

We had Warm Chocolate Volcano for desert.

When we walked back to the car, Mom told Dad “Never order anything for us again.”

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Weekend at Al Khobar

“Vrooom Vrooooooom”, Dad turned the key and the engine came to life with a start.

Since it was Hajj holidays and Dad also had 5 days holidays, we decided to go Al Khobar.

It was a great day and the weather matched perfectly with our moods. It was neither hot nor cold. October was certainly a great month.

Sometime later, we were far from the city and the car sped along the Riyadh - Dammam highway.  The highway cut through the desert until we reached Dammam. It had smooth golden sand which did not have a single foot- print on it. There were some sand-dunes too. Camels or the “ship of the desert” grazed at the areas where there were patches of grass here and there.

Finally when we reached Khobar, we became a little more joyful since we had sat for 4 hours in the car. We were simply longing to stretch our legs.

Our hotel was called the Tulip Inn Sea View. It was a 4-star hotel, but not so good like we expected.  

I went straight into the bedroom and drew the curtains. There was a breath-taking view of the Persian Gulf! You could have stood there for hours and hours.

Afternoon me and Dad had a swim in the hotel pool. 

After we rested, we drove out to the King Fahd causewayThe causeway connected Saudi Arabia and Bahrain through Persian Gulf and there is a man- made island in the middle.

It was awesome. The water of the sea glinted and shone. 

We had our breakfast at a vegetarian restaurant called “Sukh Sagar” on Friday. We all enjoyed the food and we were also surprised because it was the first time we were seeing a vegetarian restaurant in Saudi Arabia.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dinner at Awshal restaurant

As usual our Thursday evening started with a discussion of where to go for dinner.  It was a hard choice.

“You have 3 options” Dad said, “American, Indian or Arabic food”.

“No Indian food tonight” Mom said. I added “No Arabic too”, Dad laughed. 

“Why don’t we go to Awshal, the restaurant which I told you about?” Dad suggested and we agreed.

We ordered seafood grill and bar-b-q. Altogether it was yummy. I wanted to end dinner with chocolate mousse as desert, but unfortunately it was not available today.

In my last entry I wrote that I was going to beautify my hand.

Yes, that’s exactly what I did.

Last night I put on nail polish and mehndi on my palm. Today I did another design on the back of my hand.

 I must say, it is beautiful. Thank goodness for the computer.

Yesterday, I found something interesting in my new edition of National Geographic magazine which is a magazine for kids. It said:

“If you eat cheese after every meal, it actually slows down tooth decay.” Pretty cool!

The only problem is that Mom and Dad never buy cheese or even butter because they say it’s fatty. Not that the cheese is fat, but it contains a lot of fat.

So, I guess sometimes Mom and Dad think that eating cheese for breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner is 8 times worse than fighting with a crocodile.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

No more floral designs


Two weeks of holidays, starting from tomorrow!

The Hajj holidays are stretching out for two weeks so I have a lot of time to play. Lovely!!

But that doesn’t mean that we can always fool around. I have to do Maths holiday homework and also learn for the FA-3 next month.

But on the first day of the holidays I never study. Today I am planning to beautify my hand with mehndi and nail polish. Yipeeee!!!

The only problem that I have every time is that I can’t get a good design in my head. So usually I end up drawing a flower and decorating it with dots.

When I was younger, I would draw a lot of crazy and weird shapes on my hand. These included a flower, some lines, dots and circles.

Now I am planning to look for easy mehndi designs with the help of my trusted computer.

2 weeks back, Mom’s old college friend, Uncle Anish visited us. Actually he had an important meeting in Riyadh and that’s why he was able to meet us. Mom was really excited.

Today we had a class party in school to celebrate because of the holidays. All of us brought food, so there was ice-cream, pizza, cake, doughnuts, chips, biriyani, Pepsi, chocolates etc.

We also decorated the class and in the end sprayed snow spray. It sprays soap which looks like snow. We have it for every party, so it’s almost like a class tradition.  It fell on our hair, hands and face.  Altogether, we had a great time.

What lovely days!!!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Will the new school be cool?

“Who knows Hindi very well and would like to be in the Hindi skit?”

Our school’s putting on a Hindi skit. I am not good at speaking or writing Hindi, so when the teachers came to our class and asked that question I didn’t say anything.

Even though many of my classmates know Hindi since most of them are from North India, only 2 girls got up, their face beaming.

I am a little nervous to be on stage anyway, I mean God knows if whether I will make a mistake or anything like that.  

But the good thing about the skit was that we got some free periods. On Wednesday we got a free period from Hindi and art.

Our school hasn’t shifted till now. But I do feel a little curious about the new school. Will it have a ground? Will it be spacious? Will it look boring? Many questions filled me even though I knew nobody would be able to answer them without seeing the school first.

My friends are a little curious like me too. We don’t know when we are shifting and that is such a bother.