Thursday, November 29, 2012

Jerry in my room

“The movie we are about to watch is a classic Iranian movie“, Dad said. He was talking about “Children of Heaven

The movie started and the three of us watched intently.

It was a very touching movie, about 2 children who struggle with 1 pair of sneakers after a boy Ali loses his sister Zahra’s only pair of shoes.  They belonged to a poor family.

Then Ali tries to win the 3rd prize in a race because the 3rd prize was sneakers. But he ends up winning 1st prize instead. 

We all enjoyed the movie.

Dad told me a joke today. It was really funny. Look…….

A family who did not know English very well went to London. In their room at their hotel, they found a mouse scurrying underneath their bed. The man called the front desk.

Man – “Uh, hello”

Manager – “How can I help you?’’

Man (thinks for a while) – “Um, you know ‘Tom and Jerry’?

Manager (surprised) – “Yes sir”

Man – “Jerry is here”

I laughed aloud when I heard this. 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

A funny incident

“Sit here.”

 Jayshree Ma’am told this to a boy studying in the Nursery class. The boy did so, a sulky look on his face.

Just then, a small girl came. It was her birthday, so she was distributing chocolate to all the teachers in the block. “Thank you” Ma’am said. She then started to give us some advice about the test the next day and kept her chocolate on the teacher’s table.

The boy looked at chocolate for some time and then, when Ma’am faced the blackboard, quickly shot out his hand and took the chocolate.

“ Hey, that is not for you!” ma’am snapped. She had seen him do that. “ Keep it back.” He did it, a sullen look on his face.

He did the same thing again but he was still not so fortunate. By this time, we were snorting and trying not to laugh.

‘’Do you know why you are here?” she asked him. “It is because you are a very naughty boy and you keep hitting other children. A complaint has come about you and I brought you here so that you would not be able to beat anyone. Your father is coming to see me.”

“mein ne kuch ..” he started. “Speak in English” Ma’am said, sharply.  

“I… not beat others’’   

“As if.”

At the end of the period, Ma’am picked up her things and chocolate and said “Thank you girls. I have to go now.”

“What about this guy Ma’am?” all of us said, nodding towards him.

“Thank you for reminding me. I almost forgot about him.” She jerked the boy to his feet, and he followed her out.

We then burst into laughter.  

Monday, November 19, 2012

Trip to Al Hokair Land


Screams filled the air as the “Hollywood” rotated. “I don’t know whether these screams are of joy or being scared.” I told Chandana. Chandana just shrugged.

We were at Al Hokair Land yesterday.

When the ride stopped everybody on it got off. “ Our turn!” I said in glee. We both climbed on it and pulled down the restraint. Manasi and Chandana were on either side of me. “How was the ride?” I asked Rabia who had already tried the ride and was watching us “It was scary but awesome!” Rabia yelled.  “Your legs will be flying off the seat.” I think me and Chandana would have jumped out if the ride would not have started then. I mean, sometimes scary rides are not really my thing. Chandana felt the same way too.

The ride began to go up then to the right and down fast, Rabia was right. All the 15 girl’s legs were now swing in the air. We started to scream since we all felt like we were about to fall off. I poked my head through the middle of the restraint and tried to pull up my glasses on my nose properly as it kept sliding down.

When it stopped finally, we were all trembling as we got out. Our legs felt shaky too.
We also went on the cable car which was in the shape of a hot air balloon. Linda also joined us this time. A cool breeze rushed in and the three of us enjoyed the ride, pointing and shouting at our friends, trying to catch their attention. The balloon went near the roller coaster too. It took a ride around the whole park slowly.

Then we went on the bumper cars twice and enjoyed it a lot. We also went on a boat ride and the strong current of the water washed our boat along the narrow path. We loved it so much that we went on it 2 times too.

We got KFC as a snack.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

How 'bout a cheetah cub as Diwali gift?

I can’t believe this!!!  We are going to have Thursday classes in school!!!! Noooo!!! (For those who do not know about Saudi Arabia, here the weekend is Thursday & Friday.)

My Thursday schedule is to sleep and get up late and then study after half an hour.  Afternoon I have to go to my drawing class at 5. Dad said that we would protest against this, so I am not going to attend this Thursday class. 

But when we saw the circular that said our field trip is on next Sunday, it lifted our spirits up. 

Oh, and Happy Diwali!!

Tomorrow we have a holiday because of Diwali. And on Wednesday we are also allowed to wear colour dress.  Yaaaaay!!!!!!! I am so excited.

Dad had subscribed National Geographic, National Geographic Traveler’s magazine and National Geographic Kids magazine for me. In one ofthem the following line was written;

‘Cheetahs remain highly fashionable in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, where a cub can fetch upwards of $10,000. A rich, young man buys himself a cheetah to go with his sports car” ’

Did you hear that?

During Eid holidays Dad showed us the desert where he and some friends at his office had gone once at night. “It is very nice to see” he said. So we all went to see it.That part of the desert was near the airport. While we drove on, a car passed us and we were startled to see a cheetah cub looking at us through the window! It was sitting on the man who was driving and had perched it’s paws on his arm.

So you can call this as a coincidence.

The desert was beautiful with curvy sand dunes and smooth golden sand. The only sad thing was since people came to picnic there, they had thrown rubbish here and there.

Friday, November 2, 2012

No more Zzzzzz..... back to school

Today is the last day of Hajj holidays, Oh noooooooo!!!

I wonder how lousy my classmates must be feeling.

I now find it difficult to wake up even at 10:30 .I just keeps on sleeping till its 11:30. Then how am I going to get up at 6:30 from tomorrow????

I can sleep even if there is an alarm next to me. One day Dad set up an alarm clock under my bed so that I would immediately wake up at 9:30. It didn’t work out, though.

Still, I am excited to see my friends.

I saw a lot of movies these holidays. Some of them are Megamind, Ella Enchanted, Enchanted, The Black Stallion, Corpse Bride, etc.

Dad looks jealous when he watches me sleep for a long time while he has to get up early to go office. But he seems happy that both of us can leave home together from tomorrow. Morning Dad drops me at school and I reach home by school bus.