Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Detective Nair

They say that time flies quickly, and I now reluctantly agree with them.

I cannot believe that 2 weeks sped by so quickly! It seems like just yesterday I had finished my exams. Now there are only 4 more days as holidays, school is reopening on Monday and is the beginning of 7th grade too.

My cousins are soooo lucky, they now have summer vacation for 2 months.

Every morning Dad drops me at school and afternoon I come back by school van. Malaika, Marilyn, Faiz, Ravika, Abdul Aziz, and Nimisha are the kids in my van. Malaika is the eldest among us, she is going to be in 9th grade now.

One day Abdul Aziz (the youngest in our bus, he is going to begin the second grade), was babbling about how he went to the computer class, and when he came back to his class he found that somebody had stolen his pouch which had all his pencils and eraser in it, and how he was going to punch the face of the person who stole his pouch.  I tried to make him calm down.

I whipped out my pen and my spare notebook. “Call me Detective Nair” I said in a professional voice. I wrote the word ‘Notes’ in my notebook.  On top I had written “The case of the Missing Pouch”.   Malaika and Marilyn watched, interested.

“Okay” I said in a professional voice. “I shall start asking questions. And you tell me the answer clearly so that I can find out who stole it. Is that understood?’’ He nodded.

I cleared my throat and then the following conversation began:

Detective Nair – Where were you at the time of the theft?

Abdul Aziz – In the computer lab.

DN – During which period were you there in the computer lab?

AA – 5thperiod.

DN  – Did any of your classmates come late to the computer lab?

AA – No, we all stood in a line and came together to the computer lab.

DN – Did anybody go back to your class during the period?

AA – No

DN – This sure is a tough case.

I closed my notebook. “That will be enough information”.

“Did you find out who did it?” he asked me. “Umm….. I will let you know next week” I said, I knew he would forget this soon.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Daniya's party

Remember that in my last post I told you that my BFF Daniya invited me to her party? Here is how it went……

We were to have dinner at Daniya’s house. I was really excited when we reached their home. We had parked our car outside a restaurant near their home.  Daniya and Anne came soon and we walked to their flat together. Daniya had worn a white anarkali and Anne had put on white pants and a black top.  They said I looked very different in my latcha, open hair and lip gloss.

Anne said she came 10 minutes earlier than the time we were supposed to reach there. Daniya said, ”She came so early I was just putting on my eye shadow and I still had not combed my hair”. “I hope she was not scared when she saw you” I joked.   

Chandana arrived 10 minutes after me. This time, all 3 of us went to meet her. She refused to remove her abayya, for some reason she felt embarrassed. I think it is because she usually wears traditional clothes like a skirt or latcha, but this time she was wearing western dress. But we made her remove it anyway. She had worn a red top, jeans and heels. “Who is this stylish girl?” I teased and she threw a pillow at me.             

Daniya’s party was an awesome party. We all had great fun. We all chatted, telling jokes , listening to music  and played on Daniya’s iPad. Our parents had to pick us up at 8 and by the time it was 8, we still not had dinner. Since we had brought our mobiles with us, me, Anne and Chandana walked around, talking to our parents, telling them that they had to pick us at 9 instead at 8. Our parents agreed and we were in glee.

We had biriyani, fish, chicken, and salad for dinner and desert was ice-cream. It was delicious. Daniya’s mom said that we could have vanilla, butterscotch or chocolate ice-cream. I opted for the chocolate.

Daniya had 2 small turtles, they were so cute. I held one of them, they were smaller than the palm of my hand. We put one of the turtles on the carpet. It crawled fast, so we also crawled fast behind it. We all looked silly crawling on the floor like that.

We were all sad when our parents came. We said goodbye to Daniya and thanked her for inviting us. “I will miss you when you go to India, Danu” I said, and gave Daniya a hug.

Friday, March 15, 2013

End of grade Six


I am sooooo happy! SA-2 (Summative Assessment) has finally finished.

Now, there are 2 weeks stretched in front of me which I am going to spend by watching TV, playing games on the computer, reading books etc.  And of course, no studies.

I am going to be in 7th grade and I already feel so grown up. I can still not believe how fast time flew.

Today, my BFF Daniya is hosting a party and I am also invited. She has also invited my other 2 best friends, Anne and Chandana. Since Daniya is leaving Riyadh and going to India, this is  a goodbye  party. The 4 of us are best friends and we always stayed together as a group. I love them all so much J. 

Daniya said we could wear a traditional dress so I am going to wear my mango-colored latcha. Anne said she would wear her churidhar, and Chandana planned to wear her half-sari.

On the first day of the holidays, we went to AppleBees for dinner. Yum! Just thinking of the food served there makes me hungry! We felt really full and had no room for desert.  But it was still a great dinner and we all waddled into the car.