Sunday, September 29, 2013

A tasty class project

Terrin was flapping her hands like annoying birds were flying around her head.

 “What’s wrong?” I asked.

A lunch box was open. It was Nada’s lunchbox. Nadha was standing nearby, looking amused. Terrin finished eating and exhaled. Her breath smelled like uniyappam.

“Gross!” I said, wrinkling my nose. “Is it just me or is your breath so strong I can smell uniyappams even while standing 5 feet away?”

“So good! But I ate only one.” Terrin said.

“Can’t you wait until it’s time for the party?”

“It’s hard to resist” came the reply.

Terrin, me, Anne and Chandana are best friends. We could hardly wait for the party which was during the 4th period and recess. There were many sweets, veg and non-veg food.

When it was the 4th period, we all immediately started arranging the tables and chairs. We had planned to make it like a buffet, and girls would stand behind the tables serving the food.

I and Anne waited at the door to greet the teachers. We all had divided the food and kept them in the sections they belonged- sweets, veg and non-veg.

When the teachers came, we wished the “Good morning” and pointed and told them about the sections. We all contributed a lot. I and Anne greeted the teachers, Chandana, Terrin and some of the girls reserved seats for them, some gave plates and tissues and the others stood behind the tables of the food to serve them.

All the teachers loved how we greeted them, served them and everything. They were all impressed and left compliments on the board like-

“Excellent food, God bless you all”

“Very nice food served with love.”

“Thank you girls for the lovely party but please do not miss the next computer period.”

“Judging from my size, you can all see how I loved the food.”

The H.M. was there too, and after she had her food, she said “The food was great” … “but the hospitality-” We all held our breath “was even better.” 

After the last teacher went, we exploded into loud cheer.

We ate only after the teachers left. Many things were half finished but there was still a lot of each. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Trip to Star City

“Behave like humans” was the first instruction given to us by Sandhya ma’am as she laid out the rules before we went to Star City, an amusement park, next day. Sandhya ma’am gave us a small glare and continued.

“You have to wear your uniform ...”

Sandhya ma’am went on. After she explained the instructions she said ‘’Don’t go anywhere alone, always be with your partner. The shops in Star City will be open for you.”

My partner was Chandana, and Anne’s partner was Terrin. We had decided to try and stay together, but in either case that was tough.

Everyone was so excited today when we were going to Star City. I, Terrin and Anne sang the song we had made in class yesterday, with the lyrics as the blood circulation. It started like this-

(Sung to the tune of the hit Malayalam song ‘Appangal Embaddam’)

“Pulmonary vein
Left auricle, left ventricle
Aorta, arteries
All the body parts except luuungs..”

Everyone laughed. We looked out of the window as we reached Star City. Everyone cheered.

Our teachers herded us towards he entrance and showed us where we could keep our bags.  

A ride called the ‘Cobra’ was operated so we could see how it was. The ride looked so scary! It swung so high that it was high above the trees, no, even higher!

“I am not going on that thing.” I declared. Chandana and Anne nodded their agreement. Terrin looked at it thoughtfully and said,” I am going on it.” “Good luck.” We wished her.

Me, Chandana, Anne and two of our friends Aamna and Safana came with us. Aamna had come here before so she told us the boat ride would be nice.

After the boat ride, we went to the Ghost ride. There, we were given 3-D glasses to put on. As the ride started moving, we began to get nervous. Soon, we entered the tunnel and we were swallowed in darkness. I could not even see Chandana, who was sitting right beside me. A voice boomed “Welcome, my foolish guests.” “Well, that’s a warm welcome.” I muttered.

Somewhere there was a projector, because on the wall in front of us we could see skeletons were shaking their swords, and one of them threw one at us. It looked so real that we all ducked. Behind us, there were noises of doors slamming, breaking of glass and a woman screaming. And once it was finished, when we were just about to get to the entrance, a man was climbing a rope with fire underneath him. But the man was a robot, and the fire underneath him was orange cloth to make it look like fire. Sometimes strong wind of hot air would hit us and once water was sprayed on us.

We went to a place where it was a maze inside and you had to find your way out. We heard a few other children calling ‘’Help! Help!” and we reached them and found our way out.

I and Anne went on a cable car and Chandana and Nandita on another. The cable car was in the shape of a car and when it started there would be faint headlights.

Terrin had gone of the humongous roller coaster of Star City and she said it was awesome. Our boat ride was near the coaster when it started and we saw the hair of all the children flying.