Monday, December 16, 2013

IKEA Breakfast

There was deep rumbling from somewhere. Unfortunately that was not thunder, but my stomach growling.

We were on our way from the badminton class. I was getting hungrier by the minute.

I was given 2 options - Asraya Turkish restaurant or some other Arabic place. I did not have any interest in either of them but I saved when Dad pointed at DQ Grill & Chill, which we hadn’t tried till now, we could have our food from there. We loved trying out new restaurants. This place was called Dairy Queen (DQ) though I had no idea why it was called that. As long as I was concerned, it seemed to have burgers and the usual stuff and I didn’t think it to have any dairy items.

We ordered onion rings, quesadillas, 2 grilled chicken burgers, large grilled chicken salad for my Dad and 2 sandwiches. 

The place was a bit crowded, but still there was not much noise and we found a table. The onion rings were delicious and the quesadillas were to die for. Everything was yummy and the growling in my stomach stopped.

Feeling full, lazy and contented, I reluctantly got up.

Our breakfast had been from IKEA. In fact, I look forward on going to IKEA every time since the food court is just great. They have so many varieties of food. Breakfast looked all official in a tasty way with scrambled eggs, sausages, butter, bread and the usual things for an English breakfast. I announced “Dig in!”