Friday, March 28, 2014

Freaky Friday

Since today is the weekend, we have a couple of restaurants to try out in our mind and one of them is the ‘Red Lobster’.

I don’t know if it’s good or not but my father had his heart set on eating big, fat lobsters so he seems very enthusiastic on going there.

You see, Dad would be non- vegetarian the first 6 months and be vegetarian the other 6 months. Which is also one of the reasons I call him an omnivore. He loves eating salads a lot. But, in the very rare times we would buy ice-cream or if I would be having any fruit, he would request for a ‘small bite’, but by the time the ‘small bite’ would be taken, the fruit would not be seen.

I saw the movie ‘Frozen’ a few days back and I really liked it. My favorite character was definitely Anna, and she looked very cute when she was young.

There is a metro coming in Kochi, so according to the video, it is fun, you can save 20 to 50 per cent of your normal travelling time and more. The metro's starting point is at Petta, which is only 10 minutes walk from our home. Now Dad can't say that we can't go to movies because of heavy traffic.

And in Riyadh also there is metro construction going on near our home. So let’s all keep our fingers crossed and hope that I can go to school via metro. But since school is only a 15 minute drive, I don’t think the metro will be near it.

My school shoes became worn and school reopens in 3 days. We did not have the time to buy new ones and my Mom made the dumb act of throwing the old ones away. Why I consider it dumb is because I could have worn them for a few more days until we buy new ones. See, children should learn from grown-ups and grown-ups should learn from children.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Lunch at Back Yard Grill

I can’t believe this! Only 9 days left for my vacation to end. I am so angry!

I don’t know why the days of vacation have to whiz by and the school days go so, so slowly.

My family loves trying out various restaurants, so just yesterday, we went to Backyard Grill because whenever we passed it, we would say ‘Hey! Why haven’t we tried that out yet?!’

When we entered the restaurant, we felt the ambiance was not as good as compared with Apple Bees and Steak House. It seemed a little dull. There weren’t many options in desserts either.

But the food was just great. I had a Silverado burger, and I could not stop eating the minute I took the first bite. I would have chewed my fingers too if I hadn’t got a grip on myself.

My Mom was going to order chicken teriyaki, but it hit her that whenever we would order the chicken teriyaki, it would always be sweet. We aren’t exactly fans of sweet chicken so she skipped it and ordered a sizzling fajita combo meal.

We checked on the Internet later and found that teriyaki is a Japanese cuisine in which foods are broiled and grilled using teriyaki sauce which is sweeter in taste.

We all were stuffed, and we staggered out. We had a tough time walking to the car but we made it. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Dirab Trip

Just one day after the vacation started, we went to Dirab. It is a place in Riyadh which is really worth seeing and is a 30 minute drive. We can see many valleys in Dirab.

It was mid-morning when we went there and then we wished we had thought of the time more clearly because Dirab looks best in the evening. When the sun’s rays shine through the mountains in the colorful evening sky during sun set, it looks just great. The sun’s rays on touching the clouds reflect the clouds with a bright golden colour. The blue sky is transformed into pink, purple and golden.

There are farmlands and a horse stable at Dirab. From a distance the valleys look beautiful.

My Mom loves Dirab a lot. She always insists on going there since it is such a relaxing destination. Since the valleys are low, every time we go on the hairpin road downwards, my ears pop. Thankfully it goes just as quickly. My ears pop in flights and they begin to hurt a lot. The foggy hearing that I get only goes after a while.  

Every time we go to the valleys, my Mom and I eagerly turn our heads to the stable side when it comes to passing that area. Sometimes we can see the brown, white and black horses, walking around in the field or being driven.  

Once we saw the sunset in Dirab and it looked really magical. We felt very excited as we had never seen such a beautiful sun set. On seeing it, I wondered how artists would make the right combination of colors in their paintings, because the sky was a mixture of colors.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Thank God, It's Friday!


These were the noises my Mom’s straw was making as she drank the ‘Ultimate Gold Medalist’ that my Dad had ordered for himself. The cocktail had looked very nice and my Mom just did not seem able to tear her eyes from it, even though I waved my hand in front of her eyes. She saw right through it as if it was invisible. Apparently, my mother had fallen in love with that special cocktail.   

I did not see anything too special about it since it looked like a regular cocktail. But when I had a sip, my heart melted for it, and I was drinking just as merrily.

We were at the restaurant T.G.I. Friday’s. When we went to London, we had tried out this restaurant with uncle Sujesh and we had instantly liked it.

We got the main course we had ordered and wow, were it delicious. My Garlic chicken pasta magically disappeared after a few minutes.

As the cocktail was originally for Dad, me and Mom ordered a ‘Friday’s Sundae.’ The name was kind of funny, because it came with the names of 2 days of a week like ‘Friday’s Sunday’.

There was whipped cream on top, fudge, hot chocolate and ice-cream at the bottom. And let’s just say that there was a cherry on top of a fantastic sundae.

But for some reason my Mom did not like it as much I did. I guess she wasn’t a sundae person. She said that there was too much of whipped cream on top. But since we were trying out a sundae for the first time, there really wasn’t anybody to blame.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Farewell, Class 7

Just yesterday we had our class party. Officially we have completed 7th grade and on our way to 8th.

The results were distributed. You could judge everyone’s marks by their faces. Some were looking at the ceiling predicting their situation when they got home. So to stop thinking about the sadness and suffering we were going to endure, we tried to focus on the food.

But there were a few problems as well. When Anne opened the lids of the ice-cream cans, we found out that the ice-cream had nearly become soup. I was like “Uh-Oh”. But the taste remained so it was okay. On the other hand, Alaina had forgotten to bring the knife to cut the cake she had bought so she had to make do with a plastic spoon, which was not exactly the best option but we didn’t have any other choice. She had a hard time cutting the cake but it turned out all right at the end. Cutting the cake was as hard as cutting a tree.

There were samosas, cookies, pedas, cake, ice-creams, marshmallows, cheetos, chocolates and whole lot of other stuff.  We dug our way in. After we all were done, it was time for the snow sprays and party poppers. The snow sprays were held high and when sprayed, they made the soap inside fall like snow.

The party poppers had to be twisted at the end, in which the top would burst open and glitter and confetti would explode out. Our hair had now become decorated with confetti and soap, so we took tissues and cleaned ourselves.
3 large party poppers had been used so by the time everything had ended, the floor was filled with confetti. Everywhere we stepped, it would stick to our sandals, boots and sneakers.

The kids from the other class who knew Chandana sprayed her with snow sprays and she rushed in, screaming and covering her face yelling “Heelppp!!!”. And let’s just say that us others were not helping. Instead, we just held her and allowed the other class to spray her until she looked like Santa Claus. We were practically rolling on the floor and laughing.  

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Back to blogging...

­­Sorry, I haven't blogged in a while. I got stuck with so much of work and studies. We had our FA-4 in January and our SA-2 finished just yesterday.

A small calculation:

(FA-1 + FA-2+FA-3+ FA-4) + (SA-1+SA-2)
=  Promotion to next grade, good results & FREEDOM!!!
Tons of studying

Anyway, I feel like a lot of pressure has just been removed from my shoulders. It’s kind of like the feeling a donkey has when 4 tons of load are removed from its back.   

This morning, to celebrate my independence, we went to McDonalds and had breakfast from there. We ordered pancakes, an Egg Mcmuffin meal and two Sausage McMuffins. Then we went to LuLu, did some shopping and came home.

We have a class party tomorrow and instead of uniform we are allowed to wear colour dress. Our results of our SA-2 will also be shown.

My cousin Savithri’s cat gave birth to 2 more kittens when the previous 2 died a few months back. The mother cat’s name is Mickey. They didn’t know the cat was a ‘she’ until it gave birth, but it was too late to change the name so the name stuck.

I was not sure why they would give the name of a mouse to a cat, in fact when I came back to Riyadh and my father asked me its name I got mixed and answered “Jerry” which resulted in a lot of laughter.