Thursday, April 10, 2014

Losing Archie Andrews ...

I took a deep breath and entered my new class. All my classmates looked at me.


‘Enjoyed vacations?’

‘Congrats, you have been promoted to 8th grade!’

I was so happy to see my friends again. 2 weeks break after 7th grade final exams, it felt so good to see them all, everyone chatting loudly, joking and laughing.

My best friend Chandana was sitting on my left and my other best friend Anne was on my right. The 3 of us could hardly wait to tell all that had happened during vacation. All words came spilling out.

Our new class teacher, Maria ma’am, came in and announced ‘Hello class, I will be your new class teacher. I will teach you chemistry…..………….’ she went on, telling us the rules and everything. She had taught us chemistry in 6th and 7th grades too, so we know her really well.

Yesterday, when I came home from school, my mom sad ‘I want to show you this news article’. Alas!  It said that Archie Andrews of Archie comics is being killed off! I said ‘Nooooooo!!!”

I have been reading Archie comics for a pretty long time now. When I was in first grade, uncle Sujesh brought one Archie’s comic and left it on the dining table. For me, anything with a lot of pictures was a good book, so I took it and started reading. It was really interesting. I could not stop reading. From then, we bought many Archie comics, and I loved every book. But I was getting kind of addicted, so at one period we stopped. But we would buy one book once in a while, and till now I still have the interest in it.

I still cannot believe Archie is going to die in the July issue. But the newspaper said he is going to die a heroic death that he is going to sacrifice his life for a friend.

I am definitely going to buy the July issue.