Friday, May 30, 2014

Maharaja by Vineet at Riyadh!

“Do you know Vineet Bhatia is opening his restaurant in Riyadh?”

Mom asked.  I was standing with her in the kitchen.

“He is opening ‘Maharaja’ in September. It is beside Chilis.” 

“Who is Vineet Bhatia?” I asked. “He is a famous chef of India. His cookery show comes on Travel and Living channel.”

Mom loves watching Travel and Living.  They show a variety of places, steaks, ice-creams, sandwiches etc. But she does not want to experiment any type of different food. I would have protested against that but then I realized I probably would lose my love for those foods ;-) 

Google is going to release self driving cars. Dad showed me this on Larry Page’s Google+. The bright side is that it would be really useful for old people and kids. The day when there will be only self-driving cars will be a great day. We will just have to ask parent’s permission and then we can go by ourselves to Baskin Robbins for ice-cream, or to a friend’s house or to the park or anything. And this time our parents will not be able to make excuses and escape like they are busy, or that they are really tired or anything like that. The down side is that I probably will never get my driver’s license.

Do you know that some time back in Turkey they genetically engineered real, live glow-in-the-dark-rabbits?

It’s true! 2 rabbit babies had jellyfish genes through genetic engineering and they started glowing in the dark.  That is truly amazing! This was told to us by Aisha Ma’am, our Biology teacher. 

Friday, May 23, 2014

India's new prime minister

This week has been really busy!

Most of Mom’s friends have come to Riyadh from India because now it is summer vacation in India.

Mom is so excited, that once she starts talking she almost never stops unless she notices me and Dad are not listening. Added to this she talks and laughs really loud too. Me and Dad sympathize about our neighbors.

Seema aunty, Daliya aunty, Liji aunty, Shijitha aunty – we met all of Mom’s friends in these two weeks.  Uncle Rainson’s parents are in Riyadh. We had a great evening when they came over.

Narendra Modi has now become newly elected prime minister of India. It feels kind of weird because I can only remember Dr. Manmohan Singh’s name for all these years as Prime Minister but now since Prime Minister has changed, I feel everything changed.

I went for cluster meet tryouts of badminton and I could not get even one shot! I was so embarrassed. Usually I can play really well.

Dad wanted to lose the weight he had always dreamt of losing. So he installed this app called ’Abs workout’  in his phone. They showed all these exercises which looked easy but was actually kind of tough. You had to lie down and lift your leg and neck and then breathe in, breath out and all other types. He did them once, complained of body pain the next day, and then did them again. He took a solemn oath to do the exercises every day, but the oath was broken as soon as he got next body pain.                                 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Another busy weekend

“Next, we will go to NEXT”  Mom said, grinning.

My father and I chuckled. We were having a long day of all types of shopping. Dress and grocery shopping took a lot of time always.

My FA-1 had finally finished and after 7 days of exams, I was ready to sit back and enjoy the weekend. But my Mom had other plans. We had to complete a load of shopping which we did over the 2 days. So when I went to school on Sunday, my eyelids were feeling heavy and I was ready to use the table as a bed and my bag as a pillow.

Nobody seemed well in my class. Rabia and Sauda had headaches, some people had cold, and others were ready to go to sleep. I was suffering from all the above. There had been a sandstorm on both days of weekend, and we all had been victims. 

So, last week and this week had and will be a total drag, according to my calculations. To make things worse, a rumor had been spreading that the FA-2 exams would be starting early. I was like “Just great!”

Sunday is not exactly my favorite day because it’s right after the weekend. I am always in mixed feelings when I walk into my class on a Sunday morning: happiness (because I can have fun with my friends), terror (that the next weekend is still 4 days away), bitterness (why did the weekend have to finish so soon??) and more. In fact, now that I think about it, that’s probably why they call weekdays “weak days’’.