Saturday, July 26, 2014

How to train your croods

This is another “Kunjunni and Janaki Together Written” blog. Also known as KJTW blog.

Now, we start our story-

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lived 5 children. Their names were Kunji chechi, Kunjunni, Janaki. Savithri and Shanku (age wise).

Note- Kunjunni is only 6 and 8 months older than Janaki and Savithri respectively. Do not believe what he says about being a complete year older than them.

Janu, you know I am sitting here.

Well, yeah.

Well, that’s reassuring.

Now we start our reeeeaaalllll story-

Yo, this is Janaki. And ya, this is my awesome cuz Kunj-unni here. Yo dudes, he wants to write this blog with me, I hope ya guys like this.

Ok, back to reality. Reality. Reeeeaaaallllliiiiitttttty.

Reality is sometimes boring. We like to be crazy. No, no, wrong. We are wild. Just like The Croods. Only thing is that we were born in the 21st century. Not in the century when there were huge man-eating flowers, a guy called Guy, and the world went BOOM!

In our world we have dragons who are as pesky as mosquitoes sometimes. Modified from “Howto Train your Dragon .”

We also have Kunjunnis sometimes.


Puh-lease. I am after all a year-

There he goes again.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Kunji chechi's day-off

On this fine day, Kunji chechi has taken a break from school. 

She has taken the day-off due to back pain. Therefore, Kunjunni gave her the evil eye when he left for school today.

Poor Kunjunni.

Kunji chechi had fallen down at the morning assembly. She said her friends had informed her that she fell down in a funny kind of way, like a “Tom and Jerry” style. Sadly, she was on the stage in front of the microphone , therefore when she slipped, the word “AAAMMMMAAA!!!!” echoed throughout the school.

Kunjunni heard a familiar sound and that was when he realized it was his sister. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Houseboat cruise in Vembanad lake

“Is that a hen?”  “Certainly not!” ”Then what is it, smarty pants?”  ‘’It’s a rooster!” “How can you tell?” “Look at the tail and also it has some more differences like --!’’ “Oh, shut up!’’ “You’re the one who asked!” “Will you all keep it down?!” “We are moving!” “No we are not, the other boat is moving, and you just feel like it’s us because you are looking at it.” “Look, the rooster is crowing!” “Told you, it was a rooster.” “Oh darn! I forgot to take my iPad!”

We were all chatting, arguing and joking. Sitting on a comfy chair, I looked all around me. Savithri was sitting on another chair next to me, Kunjunni and Shanku were monkeying around, and Kunji chechi was admiring the view.

We all were in the houseboat, by the way and the journey had not yet started. Vembanad Lake, the largest lake in Kerala, was beneath our houseboat.

The boat, White Water Cruise, belongs to Savithri’s Valyachan and it was big and beautiful with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a living room and was very open. You could see everything from everywhere.

When it started, we could feel the strength of the wind increasing slowly. The houseboat was at first very slow. ‘Can you make it go faster?” Shanku asked our driver uncle. “I can, but not right now. You have to wait.’’

After an hour, we got bored sitting around and decided to play a game of hide and seek. Kunjunni was counting to 20 slowly, while me, Savithri and Shanku giggled and tried to find a hiding place. Savithri got inside the steam bath. I looked around but did not see any good hiding place in the room. So, I hid behind the open door of the adjoining bathroom. Shanku looked around and stood next to me. ‘’What are you doing?” I hissed. But Kunjunni had already finished counting. And as expected, he spotted us first.

Breakfast was kappa and fish curry, served hot and delicious. 3 hours later Kunjunni reported “We are having fried Karimeen for lunch, along with chicken, rice, sambar and a variety of other curries which are hot and little bit spicy.” ‘How do you know all that?” I inquired. “Have you been in the kitchen?” “The uncles there let me try everything.” And sure enough, when he disappeared after a few minutes, me, Savithri and Shanku first checked the kitchen.

The lunch was really, really yummy. There were a variety of dishes placed on the dining table. And for dessert we had slices of pineapple, which were so sweet we ate a lot. “I ate 8 pieces.” I declared. “Well, I ate 10 and they were delicious!” laughed Savithri.

In the evening, we had tea and banana fry. By then, my, Savithri’s and Kunji chechi’s hair was sticky and wet, so we went to the bigger bedroom with a huge mirror to comb our hair. We had some fun, trying to plait others hair. I and Savithri weren’t that good at plaiting but Kunji chechi could do it beautifully and very stylish so we let her do ours too.

Altogether, this was a memorable trip which everyone enjoyed, from the young to the old. Or in other words, from Shanku to our grandparents. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Nara Speaking!

This blog post is really special because it has been written by not just me, but also with my cousin Kunjunni.

So, right now, Kunjunni is sitting next to me, pondering on what to write. He actually has never seen someone BWIA (Blog Writing In Action). Therefore, he is going to try it out too.

Hi, I am Kunjunni here (also known as Narayanan, Rock star Nara, Detective Nara etc). A few days back, there was an exhibition held at my school, Chinmaya Vidyalaya. We had to prepare 2 charts and the topics were “History of music” and “Father of music”, Purandara Dasa.  
As my friends and I were roaming around, we met Janu, listening carefully to a girl explaining about DNA. She said she would see our charts later as she wanted to check other things too.

When we were admiring our hard work, our music teacher walked up to us and said “You have made a big mistake in one of your charts. Instead of writing about Purandara Dasa, you have written about someone else.” Oopsie.

We had to spend another awful night re-making the chart which increased not only our concentration but also our frustration.

Even though, the next day was Saturday, the exhibition was still going on but I had taken a day –off and passed the chart to my friend. The reason for the leave was because my sister (Kunji chechi) and I, Janu, Savithri and Shanku were going on an outing on a houseboat, along with our families.

We will write about our trip later.

This is Kunjunni and Janaki signing off.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Rainbows and elephants

As usual, whenever I come to India, I immediately notice the following changes every day;

-      From cereals and sandwiches to idli, dosa and appam
-      My waking-up-in-the-morning-timing from 8 in Riyadh to 9 in Cochin
-      My confusion with Malayalam words increases by 10 per cent

Also, the landscape affects me sometimes. I mean, when you look at Riyadh down from a plane, you see deserts and buildings with few trees and not a single river. But when I look at Kerala from a plane, all that I can see is green. Trees, bushes, herbs, shrubs, saplings and sometimes a snake-like river twisting itself and a spot on it indicating a bridge.

Why am I talking about the landscape so much? You may ask. That is because a week back I was able to see a beautiful rainbow from the terrace of our flat, which is the 9th floor. And even better, my cousins were there to see it with me.

I, Savithri, Shanku and Kunjunni were standing there with the breeze slapping our faces gently. We stared at the rainbow which looked so beautiful. And just behind it, another one could be faintly seen.

There was only one half of the rainbow and we started to wish there could be the other half too. And a few minutes later, the other half emerged from the other side of the cloud. It looked like the rainbow had impaled the cloud! We were so happy and joyful and all of us snapped some pictures.

For me, a rainbow had been something I had only heard of and seen in pictures. Seeing it right in front of me was totally new. I knew this was something I would never forget- my first rainbow. And even if I forget how it looked like, I can always still brag!

We can also hear the ringing of some bells gently in India if we are sitting around doing nothing or something. At first it sounds far-away and gentle. This it becomes closer and louder. That is always when we rush to the window in time to see an elephant, either on its way or back from the temple. Seeing an elephant in a temple is a common sight. Seeing it being bathed, fed and do its business is also a sight in the temple! Elephants are always present when there are festivals in the temple and such because the temples are big, spacious and open. There can be 10 elephants or sometimes even more. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

In the Land of Coconuts ...

It has been 2 weeks since I reached Kerala and we have had a family gathering, seen a movie and done some shopping.

Unfortunately for me, my cousins’ exams are going on but they managed to squeeze some time to have a lot of fun with us.

I, Kunjunni and Dad saw the movie “How To train Your Dragon 2” at PVR and we enjoyed it a lot. Well, at least I and Kunjunni enjoyed. Dad never saw the first part so I don’t think he understood a lot. But in any case, the movie received loud cheers and applause at the end.

Achamma (Dad’s mom) along with uncle Sujesh, reached Kerala from Bangalore the day after we reached India. So we had a family gathering with all our relatives, had a great time.

Kunji chechi’s Fa-1 exams finished 2 days back and now she is a free bird. But for poor Kunjunni, his exams are finishing only tomorrow.

His crafts teacher had told the class they needed to buy a pot and paint it. You get these materials in the store. So, the night before the Hindi exam, when I was at his home, he asked if I could help. We painted it with yellow in the middle and red on the sides.

For Earth-Care day at school, Kunjunni and his friend are to sing a song penned by their Physics teacher. The tune was given by Valyachan (Sreevalsan J Menon) and here is a sneak peek of the song.