Friday, August 22, 2014

Aargh!! Back-2-school after 9 days

After one more week, school’s going to reopen, which  means I have to get up early next week, which means  I don’t want to go to school, which means school is reopening, which means I have to get up early next week and ………blah blah blah.

The days passed fast, like they always do when you are having a good time. And at school, time goes so slowly and every minute feels like a day.
That’s just so…… cruel and……..unfair.

These days, the book that most of my friends are reading is “The Fault In Our Stars” by John Green. Mostly because the book has been made into a movie which was showing at the theaters, and partly because it’s popular and partly because it’s now available in almost every bookstore.

I read it too. Dad bought it for me at a store. It made me really sad at the part where (Spoiler alert) Augustus died and (Spoiler Alert) Hazel read the pages Augustus sent to Van Houton.

On our way back from India, I watched “Divergent” in the plane, on the TV screen, which is present on the back of every seat. I already have the book trilogy, written by Veronica Roth. The movie was really good. I tried to watch “Rio 2” also, but then it was time for the flight to land and I was only able to see it for a few minutes.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Monsoon rains to blazing summer

When I walked in through my front door, the first thing I got was some heat blasted into my face.

It was hot summer in Riyadh and with no air conditioning for more than a month, well, you can imagine how an ice-cream feels while melting.

For the first two days, I was in a wistful and empty-in-the-stomach-with-nothing-but-sadness-and-vacuum feeling in me. But that night we ate out at McDonalds for dinner and when I saw the Chicken Deluxe I got, somehow I started feeling happy. I don’t know how.

We had a lot of fun in India. When Kunjunni came over, my, parents, Kunjunni and I would sit in the balcony with Dad and Mom on chairs and me and Kunjunni with our feet through the railing and ask GK questions-

“How many years do you think took to build that apartment?”

“I don’t know. Wait! I think I know. Probably 2.6 years.”

“Your turn now.”

“Ok, Gandhiji’s riding on a scooter towards west. To which direction will his hair blow?”

“I don’t know. Backwards?””

“Wrong! He doesn’t have hair!”

And then it was Dad’s turn to ask a Maths question-

“If Kunjunni buys 8 Ferraris, how many Jaguars does Janaki buy? “

It left us stumped.

A few days earlier my Dad showed me an article. The heading was “The man who sold the Eiffel Tower. Twice” and it was about Victor Lustig.

Apparently he was a con man, gave clients fake money-printing machines and so on.

In India during monsoon, the clouds always look really amazing and beautiful. It’s also really nice to have raindrops falling on you and the breeze is really, really strong and cool. The sight blew me away. He he..