Friday, April 3, 2015

New year, new friends ...

Hi everyone! School reopened on the first of April after 2 weeks of fun-filled holidays. Now it’s back to school.

My classmates and I are now officially in 9th grade!

Both the ninth grade girl’s sections have been combined to form one section, 9B. So in the morning, when I reached class, I found everyone sitting separately; former 9D (my classmates) in a row, the other girls in another row. So our now-class teacher, Namrata Ma’am said that she will have to shuffle us in order to make us ‘mingle’.

Namrata ma’am is pretty and fun, and she taught us social studies last year, so we already know her well.

We did not receive our books on the first day. The day of receiving books is always torture.   It involves carrying a set of heavy books in your bag, and another 2 books in your hands(for the fear that the school bag will tear open), and walking down 2 floors of stairs to the ground floor, and trying to find your bus in the sizzling heat.

After that, at home Moms are on heavy duty as they need to massage their children’s shoulders.

The second day of school, a.k.a yesterday, was a holiday because of the heavy sandstorm the night before. It was so strong, you couldn’t see 2 feet in front of you. When Dad came in that night, his hair actually looked gray to me. I was already thinking how much he had aged until he took a shower and came back with his hair its normal color.

After the holiday is the weekend. So we get to stay 3 days at home with no studies. Again!